Bianca Belair Speaks About Main Roster Experience

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Bianca Belair Speaks About Main Roster Experience

Bianca Belair is currently working as a main roster talent and is shaping up to be a top contender. She spoke about her experience on the main roster and how she was introduced on Smackdown. Belair made a surprise appearance at Showcase of the Immortals.

She didn’t even know that she would be part of that event until a few hours before.

Bainca Belair on Her WWE Main Roster Debut

"I knew about debuting with The Street Profits at WrestleMania that morning," Belair said.

"I knew about the possibility of debuting at RAW after WrestleMania. I knew they were going to give me this big, huge debut and there's no better time to debut than WrestleMania or the RAW after WrestleMania. That was the plan, and then things got a little crazy with what's been going on.

It kind of went up in the air and I didn't really know what was going to happen. "I believe it was that morning I got a phone call saying, 'Hey, you're needed.' 'For WrestleMania?' 'Yes. You're debuting with The Street Profits.'

'Oh, OK. Cool, great.' " Belair admitted that her debut was kind of abrupt and nobody expected it. "That's the thing about this business - you always got to stay ready," Belair said. "That's how you get ahead.

If you aren't ready, then you might miss out on the opportunity. I was ready for whatever, and it came about and I was happy about it because I got to share my very first WrestleMania with my husband." Belair teased about forming a tag team with Naomi.

She is now part of WWE Smackdown after the WWE Draft. "I think it's something that's definitely going to happen before the end of both of our careers, and I think it's something that has to happen," Bianca Belair said.

"I think it's a given. It's going to happen. She got drafted to RAW right before I got drafted to SmackDown. There was a moment when she got drafted to RAW where I thought, 'Oh, is this going to happen?' And then I got drafted to SmackDown.

I just think we're at two different times in our career right now. I'm just getting my foot in the door, and maybe after I get on the road and figure out who exactly Bianca Belair is, definitely. I think later down the line, it's something that's going to naturally happen."