Shawn Michales on The Undertaker’s Character

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Shawn Michales on The Undertaker’s Character

Legendary WWE Hall of Famer Wrestler Shawn Michaels recently spoke about The Undertaker’s character on CBS Sports. Many wrestling fans believe that The Undertaker is the best professional wrestling character of all time.

Shawn Michaels revealed that many people thought that The Undertaker’s character would be very short-lived when it made its debut in 1991 even though the locker room agreed that it was a unique character.

Shawn Michaels on The Undertaker's Character

"I was a lower mid-card tag team guy at the time," Michaels said.

"From the locker room scuttlebutt I was hearing, it was this unbelievably cool character. As I've told over the years, the biggest takeaway I can recall is everyone thinking it was very cool and a great idea, but we all questioned what kind of longevity a character like that can have.

He's dead. He doesn't sell. It sounded from the locker room standpoint like maybe a limited character. It seemed like he would be very cool, but it would be short-lived. Which, of course, 30 years later, that's pretty dang amusing if you ask me.

But it speaks to Mark's ability. And then seeing it, it was a hard character not to think, 'What a cool idea.' "That's pretty dang simplistic, but trying to recall a time ever seeing anything like that at that time or since -- I know it certainly has spawned a lot of maybe offshoots, so to speak.

I don't know, I think it goes down as one of the greatest thought-up characters of all-time. I don't know how you could argue against that. And again, for him to have it last 30 years and still be unbelievably strong and awe-inspiring when he comes out, that's pretty dang impressively, and it's really tough to do."

Shawn then revealed that he and the Undertaker were never friends even though they had great in-ring chemistry. "Look, Mark and I were never friends. We weren't close, and we didn't ride together. Usually, you have that chemistry with guys who you did do that with where you have at least a little more positive working relationship.

Mark and I had just fantastic chemistry without ever really even talking to each other, which is pretty different. My two favorite matches I'll always enjoy will be the Hell in a Cell and fast forward what feels like 100 years later.

To me, that's probably one of the most perfect things I've ever seen or done, and I think there are a lot of people who feel the same way," Shawn Michaels said.