Update on Mercedes Martinez

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Update on Mercedes Martinez

In recent months, one of the stables that have caused more discussion in the rings of Monday Night Raw has certainly been that of the guys who make up the Retribution, a team born from different movements of chaos, which gradually managed to take a well-established shape on the TV screens of the federation, with former Smackdown athlete Mustafa Ali, who in the end turned out to be even the leader.

After the appearance of Mustafa Ali at the helm of the so-called "Stable del Chaos", another member of the team who until then had appeared several times in the main roster rings as an integral part of the team, however, left the team, with Mercedes Martinez, a former NXT athlete who had also changed his name to enter the stable becoming Retaliation and alongside the only other woman who is Reckoning (Mia Yim), who has, instead, evaporated into thin air.

Although in the last few days we had already reported the news that it was Martinez who wanted to leave the stable, for an express request to the WWE management, until now no valid reason had been issued by the sites of the sector, with Mercedes Martinez who seemed to have recently shed some light on his situation and therefore also on why she decided to leave the WWE televisions.

Backstage news on Mercedes Martinez

Apparently, the serious reasons that led the former NXT athlete to leave the rings of the number one wrestling company in the world so suddenly would be serious, with a possible contagion at home that could be very dangerous if not lethal for her.

or the son and the WWE who could not help but grant the wrestler an off-screen period still apparently indefinite. Martinez disappeared from the group around the time when there was an outbreak among some the Performance Center crew that was being used during the Lucha Underground segments.

Retribution was taken off TV for a couple of weeks out of precaution because of possible exposure to people who may have tested positive for COVID-19. Mercedes Martinez did not explicitly say that her asthma and her son’s health were the reason why she left the Retribution faction but it makes perfect sense and no one should hold it against her because she is looking out for her son and her own health.

According to Fightful Select and PWInsider, Martinez moved back to WWE’s developmental NXT roster. Martinez made her intention to leave the stable clear as she refused to sign contracts with the rest of the faction members.

After her departure, several NXT talents were considered to replace her within the faction. The creative team decided that the faction would be kept in their current form. As of now, Mia Yim (Reckoning) is the only female member of the stable.