New details on 2020 Survivor Series

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New details on 2020 Survivor Series

In the past few weeks, WWE has been focusing a lot on building what will be the last big final event of this 2020, which is Survivor Series. It is the last PPV event of WWE's Big Four events. The classic PPV that closes, as every year, the presence of the four WWE events par excellence: Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series, will also this year focus on the roster war that has made the history of the PPV in recent years, with huge team matches that in the end saw only one roster triumph over the others, since last year NXT was also involved in the battle of the Series.

Rumors on 2020 Survivor Series

Although there are only two days left until the staging of the ppv, the WWE has not yet announced the fifth and final element of the Smackdown male team, with the counterpart of Raw which would instead already be complete.

Apparently, WWE is said to have devised a segment that was supposed to go on stage last week at Friday Night Smackdown but was ultimately canceled due to the wrong timing, with Big E being then temporarily sidelined. probably waiting for tonight's episode.

As revealed by the pages of the well-known Fightful site, in fact: "There were plans for a qualifier match to be broadcast live in the November 13 episode of Smackdown, before he was eliminated due to time constraints."

Technically, the segment should now be resumed in the episode that will air on FOX tonight, but as is now known, within the WWE creative team and especially in the mind of the Federation Chairman, Vince McMahon, nothing is ever certain, therefore we will have to wait for the actual broadcast of Smackdown to understand if it will really be the former New Day member who will triumph in his qualifying match at ppv or not.

People of a certain vintage will remember, either fondly or with a groan, those old Dr. Pepper ads. You know the ones: "Dr. Peeeeepper - whaaaat's the wooooorst that could haaaappen?" Wrestling fans of a similar age will also recall that The Undertaker, dodgy post-streak years aside, is one of the best to do this stuff ever.

He deserves to go out with a standing ovation (even if it's only in living rooms worldwide as opposed to in the bleachers live) befitting his stunning 30 years of service. Those who have read one of these articles before know that it tends to flirt with disaster, and not just by recalling dodgy old jingles for fizzy drinks.

In this world, 'Taker will go out another way. Brace yourselves, because it would absolutely suck. There are all sorts of nightmares swirling around before Survivor Series 2020. The entire year has been a bit of a write off for most, but this was a date 'Creatures Of The Night' had circled in their calendars long before any pandemics. Will WWE give their greatest creation the send-off he deserves, or the send-off nobody wants?