WWE return very possible for Davey Boy Smith Jr.

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WWE return very possible for Davey Boy Smith Jr.

In this terrible 2020, many of the WWE wrestlers and beyond had very important projects, which were however thrown to the winds by the infamous world pandemic that hit the entire globe, with several of these athletes who have unfortunately even lost the work, due to the blocking of live shows which therefore did not allow any worldwide company to collect any type of finance from the tickets of the events sold as in previous years.

After seeing the first edition of WWE's historic PPV, Wrestlemania, totally without an audience, with a truly unusual and sad atmosphere, WWE tried to roll up their sleeves by going to build their own virtual audience, with the landing in the ThunderDome that would seem to have been for the moment the best choice by the McMahon company since the beginning of the pandemic.

Among the many Superstars outside the WWE world, but who have been part of it for a long time in the past, there is also the son of the legendary Davey Boy Smith, the English athlete who died prematurely at the age of 39, Davey Boy Smith Jr, who in the WWE rings he took the name of David Hart Smith and had also won two world titles as a couple along with Tyson Kidd.

Even for the athlete son of the legendary British Bulldog, there were some really interesting plans for this strange 2020, with everything the former WWE tag team champion had prepared for his career but was canceled like all events of this year.

WWE return very possible for Davey Boy Smith Jr.

In his latest interview with the Sport Illustrated website, the former McMahon Superstar, however, wanted to say: "I think it's definitely a possibility. In addition to the WWE Hall of Fame, I was also expected to travel regularly with All Japan Pro Wrestling.

I had a great opportunity with their Champion Carnival tournament in April, but then I couldn't travel anymore due to the pandemic. I had a lot of things to do and a lot of options to use, but now I'm looking to the future and what I'll do.

A return to WWE is very possible." Without going around it too much, the former McMahon athlete has applied for a position again in the Stamford company, with the current situation looking much better than what he experienced at the beginning.

pandemic, between March and April, with the WWE which in fact had to fire several members of its roster, from athletes to professionals. Davey Boy Smith Jr. has continually lived up to the standard of excellence set by his family for generations.

Despite high-profile matches also airing later in the evening in AEW and NXT, his goal is to deliver the match of the night in the MLW main event against Fatu. “The wrestling business has always been in my blood,” Smith says.

“There is no magic pill or potion to success in wrestling, it’s just hard work, day in and day out. That’s a work ethic I learned from my grandfather Stu. When I came back to MLW, Court Bauer gave me a huge opportunity to show the world what I can do, and I’m always forever grateful for that.

Wednesday night is a chance to see a lot of great wrestlers you haven’t seen in a while, and people won’t be disappointed with the hard-hitting, strong style they are going to see in my match against Fatu”.