Paul Heyman praises Roman Reigns and his current WWE run

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Paul Heyman praises Roman Reigns and his current WWE run

After his sensational comeback in the WWE rings at Summerslam, Roman Reigns has embarked on a journey never seen on the Stamford-based federation television screens, or a big turn heel that has led the darling of the public to be hated as one of the worst heels of the history of the company, even being accompanied in his deeds by the manager of the heel par excellence: Paul Heyman.

The association with Mad Genius made it clear to fans of the WWE Universe that the character that Roman Reigns had been carrying on stage for years had now changed, with a new attitude that was slowly making its way into the mind of the Big Dog, who end has also become a very established reality, with a Universal title won immediately and an internal family feud that was also sensationally won over his cousin Jey Uso, now his main "henchman"

In one of his latest interventions on social media, the manager, confidant and supporter of Roman Reigns, wanted to express his thoughts on what was the figure of the Shield Hound before Heyman also joined him, when Roman was still in a feud with Brock Lesnar, Mad Genius historian.

Heyman on Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar

As obviously an excellent mind like that of Paul Heyman has always used to do, now the Mad Genius is looking for any kind of proof that leads to his admiration for Roman Reigns, although over the years, it has been clear how every type of Superstar who does not was the only Brock Lesnar, came into conflict with the figures of Heyman and Lesnar, who on-screen have always been kept separate from everyone, as every little trifle led the WWE Beast to shoot with unprecedented violence against anyone.

We'll see, once the famous Federation Beast returns to the WWE rings, if Paul Heyman will continue to be on Roman Reigns' side or if he will return to "advocate" his protégé, Brock Lesnar. However, according to Paul Heyman, it doesn’t matter who prevails on Monday because Roman Reigns will be ready to enter the elimination spectacle as the most important champion in history and the biggest star in the entire industry today: “Whomever walks into Survivor Series, as the second most important champion in WWE, will remain just that when they step into the ring against the single biggest superstar in the entire industry today.

He is prepared for the variable that this Raw can present to him. We will have six days to strategize and prepare for whomever will fall at the feet of ‘The Tribal Chief.’”