Sasha Banks reflets on her future outside WWE

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Sasha Banks reflets on her future outside WWE

The WWE Superstars are often involved in some projects outside the McMahon-owned federation, such as the conduction of some television program or the filming of some scene in a movie or TV series, with several of the well-known characters in the world of pro-wrestling , who magically also become an enemy in a detective story or a superhero in a TV series dedicated to the characters of Marvel or DC.

In recent years, many of WWE's wrestlers have appeared in various television projects, such as Edge (who after his retirement had turned to TV series), Sasha Banks, John Cena, Cody Rhodes and many others. In addition to television projects, however, several athletes of the Stamford-based company are also dedicated to other worlds that have nothing to do with that of the show, such as the launch of a clothing line, the opening of a restaurant and so on.

After appearing in the Disney TV series, "The Mandalorian", the Friday Night Smackdown champion Sasha Banks, wanted to take stock of her situation on the WWE's show The Bump.

Sasha Banks on her future

"There will still be a lot of things.

I want to do a movie, model for Victoria Secret, Sports Ilustrated, my album, a handful of music videos. I want to continue to stay creative and I also want to open an academy in the wrestling business. This is what I see in my dreams.

I want to help the women of the future of wrestling to be truly successful in the business. It's hard, but I'm watching your back. I want to continue to be an inspiration for someone, continuing to break into this discipline," Banks said.

Apparently, the WWE blue show world champion has very clear ideas about what she wants to "do when she grows up", with multiple projects outside of WWE that could become real if only she leaves the McMahon federation scenes, given that the qualities and the desire to break through are certainly not lacking.

"I think it’s so incredible to see how much hope WWE brings the world and how much that we can just go entertain through these trying times. It brings me hope and it brings me joy, knowing that I can go into work and legit live my dream and put smiles on people’s faces, and to have the talent and the brotherhood and the sisterhood of my peers.

It’s so awesome. I love it. I am so thankful for wrestling for giving me a sole purpose and a joy in life. Just to spread happiness and smiles around the world because there’s nothing else I rather be doing at this time right now than, you know, bumping my ass off.

But I love it so, so much. I think it’s such a special place where you can create so much magic" - Sasha Banks explained.