Details of WWE's big last minute decision for Randy Orton

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Details of WWE's big last minute decision for Randy Orton

With a great victory, Randy Orton had become WWE Champion in the last Pay per View at Hell in a Cell but with many surprises especially for the WWE Universe, the reign of The Viper did not last long and Orton, in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, lost the rematch resulting in the title against Drew McIntyre.

Rumors after his success at HIAC said that Randy Orton would remain champion until Wrestlemania 37 where he would be involved in the third and final challenge, this time valid for the WWE Championship, against Edge. However, WWE has suddenly changed its mind and has thus led to receive strong criticism from the WWE Universe.

Rumors on Randy Orton

Speaking during the Wrestling Observer Newsletter broadcast, well-known colleague Dave Meltzer revealed that Randy Orton has lost the title because Vince McMahon's federation aims to make the Survivor Series even more interesting.

A match between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns was not considered so effervescent for the show. Here are the words of Meltzer: "First of all, now there is a dynamic of Face against Heel, then the general belief was that Roman Reigns would have beaten Randy Orton without problems, now instead there is more uncertainty with two that currently represent the priorities of their respective rosters.

At the end in a match without a title up for grabs and with a high probability of interference, it is not considered otherwise so important and for this reason, the Scottish Psychopath was needed." As for Randy Orton, the Legend Killer will probably have a rematch for the title, but then the starting plans will vanish and the wrestler will move on to another feud.

The probable Wrestlemania 37 match against Edge should also not be for the WWE Champion title. It's not an easy time for Randy Orton, who, in addition to losing the title, was recently fined for attacking WWE official Adam Pearce.

Drew McIntyre has followed AJ Styles (2017) and Daniel Bryan (2018) in winning the WWE Title before the pay-per-view. His win over Randy Orton on Raw means the big Scot will now step into the breach for a 'Champ vs. Champ' showing against Roman Reigns, not Mr.

RKO. Does that freshen the pay-per-view up? Hmm. Not really, but at least it avoids sticking another awkward heel vs. heel match on the show. Survivors 2020 already has one of those, and it's joined by no less than two babyface vs.

babyface bouts as well. For some, this won't be a problem - after all, this event isn't really about all this Raw vs. SmackDown stuff. Nope, it's about honouring The Undertaker's 30 years of service.