*Spoiler* Daniel Bryan shows off new hairstyle

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*Spoiler* Daniel Bryan shows off new hairstyle

As we have widely seen during the last episodes of Smackdown, Daniel Bryan had been targeted by Roman Reigns and especially by his cousin Jey Uso, with the former WWE Champion who had been repeatedly hit and attacked by the youngest of his Samoan cousins, who according to the WWE storyline had even bruised the kidney of the former ROH athlete, sending him to the hospital for a few hours to do some tests, before being able to return home.

Obviously the injury was only the result of the kayfabe and Daniel Bryan is fine, but to better sell Jey's attack, WWE has decided to keep the American Dragon out of the scene for a few weeks, but making his return in the episode of Smackdown aired tonight, in the best way.

Daniel Bryan returns to SmackDown

Already on the eve of tonight's Smackdown episode, Daniel Bryan had shown together with his wife Brie Bella, his new look, with a decidedly different haircut from the uncultivated one he showed in recent months, in the video that you can find below.

After returning to tread the scenes of the blue show, moreover, the WWE has also included him in the match to have his rematch with Jey Uso, which Daniel Bryan has sensationally won, sending Roman's cousin into trouble with the Tribal Chief, as announced at the end of the episode by Michael Cole in the commentary.

During the end of their match, in fact, Daniel Bryan managed to get the better of the athlete of Samoan origin, while Jey was trying to connect his famous splash and instead Bryan managed to frame Jey in a lightning roll-up that has so allowed the former WWE world champion to get the winning pin.

We will see where the defeat of Jey Uso will lead in the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown since surely Roman Reigns will certainly not be satisfied with this loss and if above all he will have something to complain about or to do for penance to his younger cousin.

Over the years, Bryan has had short hair while other times he has grown it out. Bryan joined his wife Brie Bella to preview Thursday’s episode of Total Bellas on the E! Network. This is where he showed off his new haircut.

WWE decided to write the former WWE Champion off television after doing an injury storyline after being attacked by Jey Uso. This is where WWE had Uso turn heel and join Roman Reigns after taking orders from “The Tribal Chief”. The WWE Universal Champion wanted his cousin to lay a beatdown on Bryan a few weeks ago on SmackDown.