*Spoiler* Murphy defeats Seth Rollins at WWE SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Murphy defeats Seth Rollins at WWE SmackDown

With the Draft which took place several weeks ago, WWE moved from the rings of Monday Night Raw to those of Friday Night Smackdown all the protagonists of the feud between the Mysterio family and the now ex-Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, with Murphy getting closer and closer to Rey Mysterio's daughter, Aalyah, until he officially got engaged and with the Messiah who was left alone, facing the entire family of Mexican-born athletes.

Already during the last episode of the blue show, WWE had staged the last act of the Mysterio-Rollins chapter, with the San Diego goblin who had defeated the former Shield Architect, thanks to the fundamental help of Murphy, with Rey Mysterio who had thanked and given his approval at the end of the match, to the relationship between the boy and his daughter.

Tonight, however, at Smackdown, WWE wanted to end the entire feud that lasted months in a style that saw all the protagonists of Raw go to battle even in the Smackdown rings, with Seth Rollins and Murphy clashing with each other.

against each other in the last match of their long storyline.

Murphy's WWE status

During the episode of the blue show aired tonight, WWE took the ball to put an end to the storyline that saw Rey Mysterio and his family side by side with the character of Seth Rollins since before Wrestlemania, with several attacks.

cruel that Seth Rollins and his ex-henchman had perpetrated to Rey and his son Dominik, even going so far as to pierce an eye several times at the San Diego elf. In the match that aired on FOX tonight, Murphy managed to get the better of his former mentor, after Rollins went to attack the entire Mysterio, who had remained at ringside to cheer on the new member of the family, Murphy.

With the biggest victory of Muprhy's career, as it was defined by Michael Cole in the commentary, the feud between the now defeated Messiah of Raw and the Mysterio family, which from today also has a new member within it, ends.

Murphy initially wanted to incorporate 'Matt' into his in-ring name, but that was ruled out as wrestling already had way too many wrestlers who went by the name. Murphy came up with several other names and sent an email to Byron Saxton.

The names were scattered, and Saxton randomly picked names that matched and sounded right together before pitching it back to Murphy. Out of all the options, 'Jag Cooper' stood out and appealed to Murphy the most. "So obviously, we pitch names, and I wanted to use 'Matt' so bad, but as you know, there was a lot of Matt's.

Using the name Matt was the forbidden fruit. So I pitched a whole heap of these names, and it's funny because I put a lot of effort into these names. And when I had sent the email Byron [Saxton]… when he got the email, I had all the names scattered.

So he just picked ones that matched, and he pitched it. And then when they pulled me into the office, they said, 'These are your names,' and I look at the names. And I'm like, 'Okay, well, there's one clear winner here.'