WWE rating problem solved

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WWE rating problem solved

In this truly cursed year of the global pandemic, even the number one company in the world of the wrestling business, WWE, has had to deal with the serious economic problems resulting from the virus that has brought the entire planet to its knees.

After the various releases that the McMahon company had to make in April, WWE has continued to lose pieces on the street, especially as regards the TV ratings of its main shows: Monday Night Raw, NXT and Friday Night Smackdown.

Without counting the federation's third brand, that is the yellow Wednesday night show that systematically loses almost every week against the competition of AEW's Dynamite on TNT, even the company's flag shows, on Monday evening and Friday evening, would be struggling and not a little on the rating front.

In the last few weeks, in fact, Raw would have even scored its lowest rating' record in the third hour of the show, something that had never happened before, at least not in a strong way.

WWE rating problem solved

Although the situation may seem not to be the best, both according to fans of the WWE Universe and according to many insiders of the company, the Wrestling Observer certainly has a different opinion which, in one of its latest newsletters has in fact reported through the words of the always ready Dave Meltzer: "Although several people believe that WWE will weaken with the sharp drop in ratings, especially when TV contracts expire in late 2024, most analysts continue to believe that the numbers for the rights to broadcast WWE programs will grow dramatically significant"

Although the latest agreements signed first with the USA Network and then with FOX already bring more than a billion euros into the WWE's coffers in total, it would seem that according to various economic experts and experts in the TV contract business, WWE could even increase its enter once the current agreements expire, with the pandemic that sooner or later will disappear and with it also its negative effects, with the company of the McMahons that, in addition to making up for what has been lost, will grow even more.

This week’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw saw an increase in viewership from last Monday’s episode. According to Showbuzz Daily, the episode drew an average of 1.778 million viewers on the USA Network. This is up from the 1.690 million viewers a week ago.

It went up against week 10 of Monday Night Football that featured the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings that did 11.450 million viewers on ESPN.