Update on The Undertaker's farewell at WWE Survivor Series

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Update on The Undertaker's farewell at WWE Survivor Series

The Pay per View valid for the Survivor Series 2020 will be held in a few hours and there is great anticipation for The Undertaker's last great farewell. WWE has dedicated the month of November to the Deadman and there is a great expectation to see if there will be some segment or a simple greeting in Taker's last time in the ring.

There is even the doubt on the part of the WWE Universe that this is just yet another twist and is a promo for a last great match of The Undertaker the next WrestleMania 37.

Rumors on The Undertaker

Thirty years after his WWE debut, The Undertaker will bid farewell to Vince McMahon's company on Sunday night, but in the last few hours, a sensational backstory regarding this legend is taking shape.

Some online rumors in fact predict that during the Survivor Series The Fiend can blatantly attack Taker and through this segment, a storyline could be born to then see the match at Wrestlemania 37. A clue that could hide this possibility concerns the number 19/11 in a segment of the Firefly FunHouse and this date would represent Undertaker's debut in WWE about 30 years ago, a possibility that slowly as the hours pass is taking shape on social media.

Could we see The Undertaker again after the Survivor Series? There is curiosity about this incredible possibility even if it appears quite unlikely at the moment. Already in the past The Undertaker, during The Bump WWE, has had a lot of praise for The Fiend and has released the following (past) statements: "The character of The Fiend I really like, he has taken his character to the next level.

It is original and represents something different than what everyone else does, it stimulates and certainly attracts emotions from people. Yes, I admit it, I would love to be able to work with The Fiend, we would certainly have embarked on an extraordinary match.

With these two characters the possibilities to see exciting segments are many." The Undertaker had kind words for two of his most recent opponents. He referred to Triple H as ‘one of the greats’. Undertaker and Triple H battled at three WrestleManias, and most recently they clashed in Australia and Saudi Arabia, in 2018.

Taker called Goldberg an ‘Icon’. In WCW, Goldberg made an icon of himself, with an amazing 173-0 undefeated streak. His amazing streak would only be eclipsed by Undertaker’s 21-0 WrestleMania Streak. In spite of their terrible and almost fatal match in Saudi Arabia, Taker had kind words for Goldberg.