WWE settles Saudi Arabia lawsuit for $39 million

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WWE settles Saudi Arabia lawsuit for $39 million

As reported very broadly on our WorldWrestling new board over the past year, the WWE crew was involved in an initially quite a severe diplomatic incident, with all the wrestlers and insiders of the company literally being held hostage in a hotel in Arabian land, immediately after the event of 31 October, named Crown Jewel.

After broadcasting the event, which Vince McMahon would have interrupted on Saudi soil due to the non-payment of the Arab principality towards the same federation of Stamford, in response, the prince of the Saudi Arabia nation would have prevented the WWE crew from leaving in time, with the McMahons on a rampage that should have staged an entire episode of Friday Night Smackdown without half a roster, still on Arab soil.

Immediately after having resolved this problem, several shareholders of the company were said to have, however, filed a lawsuit against the federation, guilty of having lied about various aspects of this matter, with the McMahons who soon resolved the matter.

WWE settles Saudi Arabia lawsuit

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the official profile of the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer, who as you all know works for the Wrestling Observer site, one of the most prepared and ready sites in the industry, WWE would have paid to stop the legal actions against her in the bud, brought by its shareholders, with a lot of money that would have been worth the silence of these people or entities.

According to what Meltzer revealed, in fact: "WWE just settled Saudi Arabia's lawsuits out of court for $ 39 million. There were in fact several lawsuits filed against WWE regarding misguided shareholders over the company's relationship with Saudi Arabia and what actually happened with the flight back, which was delayed.

WWE thus decided to go out of court." In practice, as very often happens before a trial, WWE and the various counterparties have agreed through their lawyers for an economic sum to drop the charges against the company, with the federation of McMahons that would have paid the full amount to the various contenders, ending any other actions against her in the bud.

The defendants included WWE, Vince McMahon, and former WWE Co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson and they will not have to admit any admission of liability or acknowledgement of validity regarding the allegations made.

The plaintiffs will receive a settlement payment of $39 million, which includes all attorneys’ fees and expenses as well as settlement costs, subject to court approval. WWE expects the settlement to be paid by their insurance carriers.