Latest on Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch time away from WWE

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Latest on Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch time away from WWE

In a few weeks, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch will become parents, when the Irish beauty gives birth to the child she expects from the former Universal Champion. As has been known for some time, her husband also obtained from WWE to be able to stop for some time, in order to enjoy his family.

The impression, however, is that his break and Becky's absence from the ring won't last long. New updates on their situation have in fact arrived from the 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter', which took stock of the professional projects of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch.

The very popular editorial product edited by Dave Meltzer explained that Seth Rollins will return to the WWE rings "quite quickly" Although it is not entirely clear whether it is a few weeks or something more. Without forgetting, in fact, that the Royal Rumble is scheduled for January.

Update on Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

Just Meltzer a few days ago had been even clearer about the situation: "Becky Lynch will give birth within a week or two. This is the reason why they completed the challenge with Rey this week, there will be a meeting between Seth Rollins and Buddy.

Murphy next week [meanwhile took place this Friday night in SmackDown] and then the Survivor Series and then maybe something after. The reality is that the Messiah will be gone for a while before the New Year begins. I know if there is a precise date, but this is the one that came to me and I don't know exactly if it is the real one."

Becky Lynch has maintained great secrecy about her pregnancy all these months, but this week she broke the social silence by posting on Instagram a series of photos showing her baby bump, alongside the inevitable Seth Rollins.

It hadn't been posting new content for about 20 weeks. About a month earlier, there was talk of his secret return to the backstage of SmackDown, where he would tell friends and colleagues of his great desire to return to action in the WWE rings as soon as possible.

During Friday night's SmackDown, Rollins will take on Murphy in what looks to be the blow-off to the feud that the two have been having with the Mysterio family. Last week's SmackDown saw Mysterio go one-on-one with Rollins in what should be the final match between them for now.

That match wasn't even pushed ahead of time, which was bizarre given how much emphasis the story has had. Mysterio picked up the win and Murphy came to Rey's assistance. Tonight's match with Murphy will put an end to the story of his split with Rollins.

On television, it has seemed like they rushed to get to these two matches to wrap up the feud all of the sudden, which is odd since it has been known for quite some time that Rollins would be off in December. The Mysterio match came out of nowhere, and the Murphy match was advertised very minimally right on the heels of that one.