Update on Roman Reigns' next opponent

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Update on Roman Reigns' next opponent

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired in the night between Friday and Saturday, as always broadcast by the FOX broadcaster in the USA, WWE staged the return to the rings of Daniel Bryan's blue show, after the hard attack suffered by the cousin of the Universal champion, Jey Uso, who had gone to attack the former American Dragon at the behest of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

After returning tougher than ever, Bryan managed to get the better of the main event that WWE organized at the end of the episode of the blue show, with Jey Uso pinned to the center of the ring thanks to a roll-up that it was followed by a finishing move that ended badly.

Apparently, the storyline that binds the Samoan family with the former "ecological" world champion, would not have ended, however, with Daniel Bryan who has increased the dose to the microphones of Talking Smack, once the weekly episode of Smackdown is over.

Backstage News on Roman Reigns

During the airing of the column dedicated to the events that occurred on the rings of the blue show, in which Daniel Bryan was also invited, the former WWE world champion himself wanted to say: "I'll say this about Paul.

We all know how good Paul is at being fake and as I said also a liar, despite having a huge reputation in the business. Among other things, he is also a genius and ever since I was a child, I have watched this man make people better.

He was really proud of that. You can see him in the ring alongside a Brock Lesnar and you will see him strong and proud of him and you can say that he is a genius and that he is the best at what he does. You could always say that, except now.

Now he can't enter with the same confidence and confidence he had with Lesnar, he walks in and walks with his head down, a bit like Jey Uso who has obvious self-esteem issues and seems to be trying to get something out of his chest.

As I said once, the big problem may not be Heyman, but it would be entirely someone else's fault. Last night I won with a small package, but I'm not satisfied. As I already told Smackdown I feel like I have a devil on my shoulder, talking to me and telling me what I should do, every day.

My wife had to spend whole days watching our two children, even sleepless nights, crying, while I couldn't even move or wait outside the hospital after I was hospitalized. And you think I'm happy to have won with a roll-up like this? I'm not a lawyer, I don't have the answer to anyone's definitive questions.

I'll let you answer the questions you ask yourself." As it turns out, once the Jey Uso chapter is over, Daniel Bryan could be destined to move against the most important cousin of the Anoa'i family, with a future Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns for the Universal title that could be one of the biggest storylines. closing date of this unfortunate 2020.