Drew McIntyre teases huge feud with Sheamus

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Drew McIntyre teases huge feud with Sheamus

Drew McIntyre is back WWE Champion in Raw, and a few days from the Survivor Series has found an unexpected ally at his side: Sheamus. The Irishman, currently a heel unlike the champion, gave him a kilt and a sword in honor of his very first characterization in the Stamford ring.

A new evolution for the Scot, which could soon give him a new rival. These days, in fact, Drew McIntyre has insisted a lot on his friendship with Sheamus, not only proposed on Raw but real in everyday life and rooted for many years now.

This is clearly understood in an excerpt from a recent interview with 'Sports Illustrated' "I met Sheamus when I was 19, with the whole sword story we amplified the reality a bit, but the story that unites us is true.

He has known my family for so long that he is one of us and has been mine. witness when I got married, "explained McIntyre. Who also admitted that he is aware that this new union, now, could lead to a feud: "I got the title back, I have my kilt and a sword, and I love how we started that story with Sheamus.

see where we will go now ", he admitted. And according to 'Cageside Seats' the direction could really be that of a feud between the two, especially at this stage in which the story that separates him from Randy Orton seems to have almost exhausted the themes available to Drew and the WWE.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre are long-time friends

Also in these days, however, Drew McIntyre himself wanted to explain some background on the use of Raw's fateful sword. "Recently, Vince and I had a conversation about this.

I was just thinking about how to get out in the ring, whether to wear a kilt. But of course, he didn't want such a simple exit. So suddenly, we have had the idea of ​​the sword and the fires and he was really pleased with it, "the WWE Champion told Fox Sports.

Also adding that the sword, however, was absolutely real and was part of a personal collection of Vince McMahon. "It was given to him by Stephanie and Hunter. I don't know what he was thinking during the conversation, but at one point the dilemma arose 'we need a sword, but we don't have it' and Vince then replied, 'I have a sword.

'So I heard this and I said' Obviously, of course, you have a sword,'" said an amused Drew McIntyre. As revealed to Sports Illustrated, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are real-life best friends. The Irishman is a potential challenger for the title.

But a heel and face friendship on our screen is very rare to witness. McIntyre revealed, “I met Sheamus when I was 19. We exaggerated the truth on Raw with the chest and the sword, but our history is real. He’s known my family for so long that he’s one of us, and he was the best man at my wedding”.