Many wanted to see Big E involved in the Survivor Series

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Many wanted to see Big E involved in the Survivor Series

The Survivor Series card is now widely written, but there is an important absence that stands out above all among the ranks of SmackDown: that of Big E. The last episode of the Friday night show, in fact, certified once and for all that the now-former member of the blue roster will not be part of the show, at least as a participant in the official matches.

This, however, does not seem to coincide with a block of that single wrestler push that could start again next Friday. As pointed out by 'Cageside Seats', Big E in recent weeks has been used above all to promote the confrontation between former New Day friends and that duo made up of the Street Profits with whom he now shares the show.

In fact, he has not been involved in a real match for a month, that is, since the feud with Sheamus. But now it might just be a matter of time.

Many wanted to see Big E involved in the Survivor Series

According to the reconstructions of 'Cageside Seats', in fact, the name of Big E had been marked in pencil on the list of athletes who will make up the SmackDown team in the traditional elimination match against Team Raw, which will take place this Sunday night at Survivor Series.

The reason why the former New Day was ousted stems from a specific need: that of not diminishing his status by forcing him to an avoidable elimination. So that's why Otis took his place. In other words, Big E won't be fighting at the Survivor Series to spare him what would have been an inevitable elimination.

That would only have resulted in lowering his status, in view of a push that continues to be at the centre of WWE's thoughts. At this point it was preferred to keep it at rest for a PPV, waiting to relaunch it towards the next challenges.

Which should again present him as a prominent protagonist of SmackDown and beyond. Survivor Series is this weekend and the excitement level heading into the PPV seems to diminish each day. The Brand vs Brand matches do not have any viable stakes behind them, and the members of both teams are booked in a fashion that kills their momentum heading into the card.

Fans wanted Big E to be involved with the SmackDown team, which was the original plan according to FightFul Select. Both the Monday Night Raw and SmackDown men’s Survivor Series teams have been booked in comical fashions.

Heading into the PPV on Sunday, all the parties involved are coming off losses in one way or another. Being involved in this match is supposed to be a major moment in a career, but that certainly is not the case in 2020. Survivor Series feels like a mediocre, directionless PPV and the booking leading into the show is not helping anyone involved.