Rumor killer on Lars Sullivan's WWE absence

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Rumor killer on Lars Sullivan's WWE absence

During the first episode of the weekly WWE shows dedicated to the 2020 Draft, the Stamford federation decided to bring back its fighter who has been absent for several months, Lars Sullivan, who had been removed from the scene of the company for a very serious injury.

serious in one leg, which had then worsened during 2019 and 2020, with the fighter who had also had to face a media cyclone that arrived due to the online emergence of his old red-light videos with which he earned his salary before the WWE.

After the sensational return in that of Smackdown, with the monster heel that thanks to the Draft remained right in the blue show at work, Lars Sullivan had very few opportunities to shine, with the mammoth wrestler who then disappeared once again from the scenes of the company.

In fact, Sullivan has not been seen on the television screens of the Friday night blue show for a few weeks.

Rumors on Lars Sullivan

Over the past few hours, there have been several rumors online that they even want an imminent WWE firing of his newly returned athlete, with Vince McMahon going to "clean up" after Joe Biden's victory in the White House presidential elections.

According to various sites in the sector, in fact, after losing the support of Trump, the Chairman of the WWE for fear of having some repercussions from the high areas of politics, he would be thinking of eliminating all those characters who have had a stormy or otherwise uncomfortable past.

be able to reveal, with the figure of Lars Sullivan who would thus be included in the list of athletes to "eliminate" Apparently, this rumor would have already been categorically denied by the well-known overseas site Ringside News, a source that has been repeatedly trusted in the world of web wrestling, whose journalists have assured that the future of Lars Sullivan for the moment is at the sure and that his non-appearance in that of the blue show is to be found only in the lack of plans in view of Survivor Series for the athlete.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter at is reporting that recently WWE has been instructing its' announcers to refer to Sullivan as “The Freak” and while not completely eliminating “Lars Sullivan”, he was called “The Freak” much more and it’s something that the company has historically done when they are planning to transition to a new name.

Whether or not this is a subtle dig at Sullivan's past controversy in the form of a double entendre nickname, or simply a single-defined moniker based on his freakish size and strength is another story.