*Spoiler* The Gobbledy Gooker becomes the new 24/7 Champion at Survivor Series

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*Spoiler* The Gobbledy Gooker becomes the new 24/7 Champion at Survivor Series

The Survivor Series opens with a bang and, surprisingly, with a title change. Not bad for a PPV characterized by clashes between Raw and SmackDown and therefore not characterized by matches in the card that included a belt up for grabs.

At least in appearance. Because already during the kick-off something totally unexpected happened, especially for one of the protagonists who participated in the segment. It is in fact the other "great" rookie of the 1990 Series.

Not Undertaker, however, but The Gobbledy Gooker. The hallucinating turkey-like thing that puzzled the audience of that edition of the Survivor Series intervened during a pleasant conversation between the members of the kick-off table (Jerry "The King" Lawler, Charly Caruso, JBL, Peter Rosenberg and a very amused Booker T) and the usual, overexcited R-Truth.

Obviously in possession of his title of 24/7 Champion. R-Truth was inevitably delighted with the arrival of Gobbledy Gooker, noting that when his debut came he was so impressed that he came close to throwing away the action figure of his childhood hero John Cena (which obviously would debut more than a decade later.

). Too bad Akira Tozawa showed up a few moments later, forcing R-Truth to turn her back to the huge feathered puppet. The outcome of the story is almost inevitable, with The Gobbledy Gooker who promptly pinned R-Truth, becoming the 126th 24/7 Champion in history.

WWE Survivor Series 2020

Recall that the original Gobbledy Gooker was played by Héctor Guerrero, older brother of the unforgettable Eddie. But also that the presence of the gigantic egg from which the strange creature came out disturbed the Undertaker himself, destined to make his debut that same evening.

"So, this egg appears during the show, okay? I was trying to work on my look, grow my hair to have a particular look and stuff. And all of a sudden my brain's wheels come on. Oh my goodness, they'll put me in, they'll put the egg in me.

That's what I thought, at the time gimmicks were often wacky up to this level. So I thought I'd become the Egg Man, me n I was really convinced," explained the Undertaker himself to Steve Austin during a very funny conversation.

WWE Survivor Series 2020 will feature Monday Night RAW go up against Friday Night SmackDown in a battle of brand supremacy. All the major champions of each brand will be taken on the champions from the other tonight. There are also two 5-on-5 WWE Survivor Series Elimination matches scheduled for the show, one for men's and the other for women's.

Other than that, WWE Survivor Series 2020 will see The Undertaker have his final farewell after a storied career of three decades in WWE. Several legends and WWE Hall of Famers are rumored to be backstage for the grand celebration.