*Spoiler* The Undertaker said his final farewell at Survivor Series

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*Spoiler* The Undertaker said his final farewell at Survivor Series

Finally, the long-awaited day has arrived. On the night just passed, WWE staged its last Big Four of the year, with the Survivor Series being a definitely worthy of the name, with the most anticipated event of the evening being certainly the segment of the retirement of The Undertaker, historic and legendary McMahon-owned federation's athlete, who for 30 years has trod the WWE rings far and wide, setting up the best feuds and the most iconic matches in the history of the federation with the most illustrious colleagues.

Although many thought that during the Survivor Series The Undertaker he could instead find a new opponent, perhaps with a sensational surprise attack by the Fiend of Raw or some other athlete on the federation launch pad, in the end as expected, the Deadman has instead he delivered his farewell speech, keeping his character intact and thus ending a career in which absolutely nothing was missing.

The Undertaker said his final farewell

The Undertaker said goodbye to the WWE Universe in a way only The Phenom could at Survivor Series. But first, many of The Deadman’s greatest friends and rivals throughout his illustrious career in sports-entertainment made special appearances.

To intervene in the last farewell to the WWE rings of the Deadman, several athletes and friends of the gravedigger also intervened, with a myriad of former WWE Superstars who in fact came out in the ring to pay their respect towards the historic friend and colleague, featuring the faces of the following wrestlers and former wrestlers who have indeed appeared in Orlando's ThunderDome: Shane McMahon, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, The Godfather, JBL, Mick Foley, The Godwinns, Savio Vega, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, Triple H, Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Kane.

Everyone entered the ThunderDome with their own personal entry music, with Michael Cole from the comment table who also referred to The Undertaker's historical friend, Yokozuna, who died just 20 years ago, who undoubtedly had the opportunity he would surely be present at the evening.

After a video presentation of the undertaker's career, Vince McMahon also thought of intervening in the ring, who visibly excited thanked the Deadman for everything he gave to WWE and its fans in 30 years of career. At this point, only he was missing.

The Undertaker has probably made his entrance on the scene in the dark and smoke of the ThunderDome for the last time, with fans connected via virtual audiences who cheered him like never before and with the slow but inexorable walk of the gravedigger that came up to the ring.

With a short but unequivocal sentence, Undertaker has thus closed his career, saying that the time has come for the same Deadman to "rest in peace", with a tribute also to the late Paul Bearer, who appeared in a holographic way in the ring at also greet the WWE gravedigger.