Reason why several superstars joined the Survivor Series' teams

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Reason why several superstars joined the Survivor Series' teams

As we have seen during the weekly episodes of WWE TV tapings on the eve of Survivor Series, the McMahon-owned federation has included several athletes in the team matches of the last Big Four of the year without a real match qualification, which had instead happened to all the other members of the Raw and Smackdown teams during the various previous episodes.

Not having qualified in a special match, during the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Bayley and Otis had also arrived, personally appointed by Adam Pearce, WWE Official, who thanks to the power granted him by the federation was able to opt for the two last athletes to be assigned to Series matches.

Reason for several superstars joining the Survivor Series' teams

Although initially the last Smackdown male athlete to take part in the blue Survivor Series team was to be Big E, rather than Otis, with the company's plans abruptly changed as usual, Smackdown's easy-going guy eventually entered the match at Fall Big Four teams without even making an effort, thanks to Pearce.

According to what was revealed in the last hours by the well-known overseas site Wrestling Observer, through the words of the usual Dave Metlzer, the motivation that would have pushed the company to avoid having two more qualifying matches at Smackdown, would be to be found in the timing of the show, that the week before had already gone beyond the time allowed by the television broadcaster and with the WWE that had therefore had to cut the segment of Big E.

As reported by Meltzer in his words, in fact: "They didn't have time. They didn't have time to put in two more matches for Bayley and Otis, so they put on what you saw." At the moment, however, the plans that WWE had in mind for Bayley and Otis, as possible opponents in their qualifying matches, are not known, nor what the management will have in store now for Big E, which has not even been included in the (Survivor) Series match.

and which has been talked about for a long time about a possible big push that has not yet arrived. The thing we all love (or, at very least love to hate) has stubbornly tried to no-sell the ongoing global bastard to such an extent that the the f*cking thing feels even more present on wrestling nights than anywhere else.

AEW got ticket-buying punters back in the building first, but they're so far away and scattered that it feels like a low-drawing show is taking place next to an under-attended Jacksonville Jaguars game. WWE's ThunderDome and Capitol Wrestling Center have been middling solutions to atmosphere issues with the main roster and NXT respectively, but the world at large has enough Zoom calls to deal with in the working day without sitting down to two or three more hours several times a week.