Rumors on WWE plans for Roman Reigns

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Rumors on WWE plans for Roman Reigns

A special edition of the Survivor Series, one of the Big Four Pay-Per-View (PPV) within WWE, was held tonight. An important event for The Undertaker's last farewell but also for the "Champions vs Champion" challenge between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre.

The WWE Tribal Chief finally showed everyone his leadership and won the victory, also thanks to the help of his little cousin Jey Uso, who arrived at the right moment, distracted McIntyre at the right moment with the WWE Champion hit by a Low Blow first by Reigns and then by Uso himself.

The Big Dog then closed the victory thanks to his usual Superman Punch. After the victory at the Survivor Series, the first rumors emerge regarding the defense of Reigns in the coming weeks and in the next Pay per View of the WWE Universal Champion.

Update on Roman Reigns' future

With the Survivor Series finished in the best possible way, Roman Reigns can return to focus on Friday Night Smackdown and continue his domination. Cagesideseats colleagues have revealed what WWE's future plans are for the next Big Dog challenger and this one will apparently even be former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

Initially, there was talk of a possible challenge between Reigns and Kevin Owens, but in the end, it was decided to opt for a meeting (certainly much awaited by the WWE Universe (between a Big Heel and probably the main WWE wrestler and a Babyface and much appreciated by fans like Daniel Bryan.

In recent weeks Roman Reigns had instructed his cousin Jey Uso to beat Daniel Bryan, who was injured so badly, and now the Yes Man on his return will aim to have his revenge first with Jey Uso and then with the WWE Universal Champion.

Daniel Bryan has been involved in collaborating with the Creativity Team for some time and it has been noted by all (and appreciated) how the wrestler does not want to take advantage of this role to take advantage in the ring.

Jey Uso ran in, was taken out by McIntyre and Reigns hit the WWE champion with a low blow. Uso also hit a superkick before Reigns locked in a guillotine choke. McIntyre tried to stand up in the choke but ended up going out in the hold, giving Reigns the victory.

This was an outstanding match -- a near-perfect example of WWE's big-match style with two massive, talented men. The finish wasn't likely to be clean with little aside from bragging rights on the line, so the finish was set up to protect McIntyre, which is entirely acceptable under the circumstances.