Backstage details on Edge's WWE status

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Backstage details on Edge's WWE status

At the Survivor Series 2020, we witnessed the last goodbye of The Undertaker, the WWE legend who after 30 years has formalized his separation forever from the ring and the world of wrestling. In Orlando, there were several current and past superstars who came there just to say #ThankYouTaker and it made enough noise an absence at least in front of the cameras.

Edge, the WWE Rated-R Superstar, did not participate in this last salute and the latest rumors speak of a precise choice of the WWE. According to what PWInsider Edge colleagues learned, he was at the Amway Center in Orlando, present at the Survivor Series last night, but did not appear in front of the cameras.

Backstage news on Edge

The reality is that Edge's return to WWE is quite close, no details are known about his physical condition but the federation and the leaders with Vince McMahon in the first place, have preferred not to disclose images with the Canadian-born wrestler.

If Edge had presented himself (for any reason) to the Survivor Series, the surprise effect expected instead for the next few weeks would certainly have been removed. Edge himself has always been silent in the latest interviews on the date of his return and it seems likely that the date of the end of his rehabilitation is approaching.

Regarding the future of Edge in WWE, several possibilities have been sponsored for the future of the wrestler, still with a contract with many matches on the horizon in WWE. If Edge does not continue his long feud with Randy Orton until Wrestlemania 37, another hypothesis for the Rated-R Superstar could be a surprise to take on Bray Wyatt, recently met in the creepy role of The Fiend.

This hypothesis has been circulating for several hours in America and is causing WWE fans from all corners of the world to discuss. News is expected on the future of Edge and his return, but what is certain is that the Canadian is getting closer to his return.

Vickie Guerrero only found a job in the WWE because she was the wife of late Superstar and legend Eddie Guerrero. But she held on to it for so many years because of how amazing she was at everything the WWE and Vince McMahon asked her to do.

“Edge was such a gentleman,” she said on Boston Wrestling MWF’s Wrestling Insiders. “He taught me so much about the ring and the psychology of the storyline. He was on board. I had that fear because here I was, Eddie Guerrero’s wife.

I was green and I had no talent. This is not what I did in my career. I was at home with the girls and the only reason I was there was because I was Eddie’s wife and I had a lot to prove to everyone. So to be entrusted to Edge and Dolph Ziggler; for them to say ‘hey, you’re gonna work with Vickie Guerrero’, that’s something that really scared me and I had a lot of fear because I didn’t want to insult their legacy."