WWE considering booking inventive Royal Rumble finish

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WWE considering booking inventive Royal Rumble finish

The last Big Four of this strange 2020 has now gone to the archives, with an edition of Survivor Series a little subdued but at the same time also historical, given the farewell to the rings of The Undertaker that has excited millions of fans in all the world, which we certainly will not forget for a long time.

After witnessing the last touching farewell to McMahon's Deadman, with several legendary WWE Superstars appearing specifically to greet Undertaker's career, including WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Mark Calaway spoke his last words as the undertaker, with a "Rest in peace" ending that was dedicated to his character.

Apparently, the WWE is said to have turned the page very quickly, with the leadership of the federation that would have already begun to think about the next big events to be staged, one above all, the Royal Rumble 2021, in January, which as we remember is the first Big Four of the year and the first major event awaited by WWE Universe fans every year.

As reported in the very last hours by Bryan Alvarez during one of the daily Newsletters of the Wrestling Observer, within the WWE circles the idea of ​​making a WWE roster athlete win without making him fight and obviously after what seen in the episodes of Raw in recent weeks and in the edition of Survivor Series on Sunday night, that name could easily be that of Lana.

There could be live fans in attendance at Royal Rumble 2021

In his last speech, Alvarez stated: "I can only tell you that the management has been considering the idea of ​​this ending for years, without thinking of anyone in particular.

In practice, everyone enters except number 30 and in the end only two people remain in the ring, without the thirtieth having entered yet. When the last two self-eliminate together, then number 30 enters the ring, who wins without even having a fight.

Well, the idea was basically this, I don't know if the management is currently thinking of putting it into practice, but several people have told me about it." Although it is still only an indiscretion for the moment, it seems very likely that the management of the WWE can stage such an angle to allow Lana to win the real fight in January, with a resounding victory that came without a fight, which would surely leave the fans wide-eyed and would equally certainly also raise numerous criticisms of WWE.

Despite the ThunderDome likely to last until February, WWE could go elsewhere for the Rumble. It could be special, with fans physically being a part of a WWE event for the first time since the RAW after Elimination Chamber. With that in mind, here's a look at what could happen at WWE Royal Rumble 2021, over two months out.