Triple H on seeking advice from Undertaker when he started dating Stephanie

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Triple H on seeking advice from Undertaker when he started dating Stephanie

Triple H began his career in the International Wrestling Federation as Terra Ryzing before joining World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1994. He soon became Jean-Paul Lévesque, a French-Canadian aristocrat, similar to the Hunter Hearst Helmsley character he would later play in World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

He later shortened his name to Triple H and adopted an alternate image in the D-Generation X (DX). Following the disbandment of DX, Triple H was pushed as a main eventer, winning several singles titles. Triple H then took part in a storyline that saw him marry Stephanie McMahon, who later became his wife in real life.

In 2003 he formed another faction, known as Evolution (with Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton), and reformed D-X with Shawn Michaels in 2006 and 2009. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Triple H revealed that The Undertaker was one of the few people he sought advice from when he started dating "the boss' daughter" even as a lot of his other friends were critical of his decision to start a romantic relationship with Stephanie.

Triple H on The Undertaker

"When I was dating Steph, and people were just starting to find out, The Undertaker was one of the people I saw for counsel," revealed Triple H. "A lot of people were very critical of it, but he was a steady, trusted voice.

That's really what he's always been for me." Triple H went onto reveal that he asked Taker to be a part of his wedding in a pre-match conversation between the two WWE legends. "That's where [before a match] we always were, so it made the most sense to me to ask [him] there," said Triple H.

"I pulled him aside and said, 'We have a wedding coming up, and I'd be honored if you'd be one of my groomsmen.' The only people I thought of asking were the people I thought of [as] brothers to me, and the majority of those people are from this business.

This is my life, and he's like a brother to Steph, too. The Undertaker is larger than life, and you can feel that presence in the ring. But there is also the human being, and I'll always treasure our friendship," added Triple H.

HHH has also won a number of championships in his career, being a five-time Intercontinental Champion, a three-time world tag team champion (two World Tag Team Championship reigns, and one Unified WWE Tag Team Championship reign), a two-time European Champion, and a fourteen-time world champion making him the company's seventh Triple Crown Champion and second Grand Slam Champion.

He is also a two-time Royal Rumble match winner, and a King of the Ring tournament winner. Later in his career, Triple H gained notability for his behind-the-scenes work at WWE, creating the developmental branch NXT, and gaining praise for his business acumen in professional wrestling.