The latest on Charlotte Flair’s WWE status

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The latest on Charlotte Flair’s WWE status

One of the biggest absentees of this period is absolutely the WWE multi-world champion, Charlotte Flair, athlete of Monday Night Raw who has been missing from the weekly episodes of the federation and from the PPV for some months now.

The absence of Nature Boy Ric Flair's daughter was necessary to fix some physical problems that the girl would have encountered in recent years and which made it very difficult for her to work in the pro-wrestling rings, thus forcing the daughter of the twice Hall of Famer of the McMahon company to undergo yet another surgery on his body.

The absence of Charlotte, as if that were not enough, was added to those of the already absent Becky Lynch (far from the scene for her first pregnancy) and Ronda Rousey, who has now disappeared from the McMahon rings since the Wrestlemania edition of the last year, with the Baddest Woman on the Planet who hasn't even been seen on video in the federation arenas since.

Update on Charlotte Flair

Apparently, the former champion of NXT, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown would have recovered 100% from the operation carried out a few months ago, with her return to the gym which had already happened exactly two months ago and with the beautiful Queen of the WWE who would therefore be ready to return to the rings of the Stamford federation for weeks already.

But what is driving Charlotte to stay out of the picture yet? Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer thought of answering this question and in his last speech to the radio broadcast of the well-known overseas site confirmed that Charlotte Flair is now in full shape and that the cause of her failure to return would be from search only in some extra-ring commitments that the girl would have taken on for some time.

In the last Newsletter, Meltzer stated in fact: "I was told it depends on the job outside WWE, what it will have and what it will not have. I have not heard anything about a specific date." In practice, Charlotte Flair should be busy recording a TV series and a reality show, with the former WWE champion waiting to know more about these commitments, before giving her the green light for a call from Stamford.

On the other hand, WWE itself would be waiting for the right moment to bring Charlotte back to the federation ring, without having to do without the girl once again and throwing away the surprise effect that her return would bring to the scene.