Asuka says "taking pictures and communicating" with Lana is more fun "these days"

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Asuka says "taking pictures and communicating" with Lana is more fun "these days"

What we saw in the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View (PPV) and the latest episode of Monday Night Raw could lead to major WWE twists and turns for fighter Lana. The only survivor of the female match between Team RAW and Team SmackDown initially (after a fun segment at the beginning of the episode) had to face Asuka on Raw, but with the intervention of the couple champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax instead, they went to join forces in a Tag Team Match.

Lana, paired with Asuka, managed to win after an electrifying and hard-fought match with the duo champions and now her fans and most of the WWE Universe, in general, are hoping to graft this new pair into stable ranks and see them as champions, one day.

Before the Pay-Per-View (PPV), Lana had been the protagonist in negative with the fans almost pitied by the fact that every week The Ravishing Russian was crashed on the table by Nia Jax and this happened nine times. Many have thought that this choice of the federation had depended on Lana's husband, Miro, the former WWE wrestler Rusev, who, for a short time, is instead an All Elite Wrestling wrestler.

In recent days, former WWE writer Vince Russo has commented on the attitude of the federation of Vince McMahon towards Lana. Russo, contrary to the latest rumors, had in fact declared: "I think they are trying to make Lana more and more stupid.

They think that by doing so they make it more fun and that it is just a game. The truth is you want to punish her for being married to a wrestler now in All Elite Wrestling and it's just a mind game between the parties.


Asuka's message to Lana

Through her social networks, the Raw female champion left a message that seems to relaunch their future couple. Asuka has, in fact, written that these days taking pictures and communicating with Lana is really a lot of fun.

The dream of part of the WWE Universe to see the two as Tag Team champions on Raw could be seen in the coming weeks with Lana who could thus see a totally different treatment than in the past situations. Her tweet said, "These days, taking pictures and communicating with @LanaWWE is more fun than anything else." She ended the message with the tears of joy emoji.