Update on future Roman Reigns-Daniel Bryan WWE feud

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Update on future Roman Reigns-Daniel Bryan WWE feud

There seems to be more and more a kind of "curse" around the feud between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, which SmackDown tried to propose in August 2019 and is now returning to vogue in exactly reversed roles. Yet, even in this fall 2020 as in that summer 2019, there seem to be some problems in writing.

According to what was discovered by the 'Wrestling Observer', in fact, WWE evidently has in its plans to send the Yes Man to the assault of the Universal Champion, but this may not happen immediately or within a few weeks.

Even the authoritative source explains that the two may not be ready to go against each other even at TLC. "WWE seems keen to postpone everything to a later date," said Dave Meltzer. It would remain to be seen what exactly is missing before Daniel Bryan can actually face Roman Reigns, as he has been struggling with the champion's cousin, Jey Uso, for weeks.

The hope of the fans is that what happened on the occasion of their previous storyline together, so long as to be aborted, will not be repeated.

Will Daniel Bryan be The Big Dog's next opponent

Recall that in the heart of the summer of 2019 Roman Reigns was at the center of a long series of "attacks" in SmackDown, presented as attacks that had even put his own life at risk.

That phase had the only use of completing the turn face of Samoa Joe, just in a phase in which, however, the former NXT Champion stopped being considered in all respects an active Superstar on the roster. The details of the "case" all led to Daniel Bryan, but amidst total creative chaos and last-minute rewrites, WWE wasn't even able to propose an actual match in time for SummerSlam.

The situation was not resolved in time even for Clash of Champions when Roman Reigns faced Erick Rowan who proved to be his actual bomber with a still unclear role of Daniel Bryan. Already in Hell in a Cell, however, Rowan also rebelled against Daniel Bryan with the latter who became the face in turn and allied himself with Roman Reigns himself.

The great battle, in short, was definitively wrecked. Just what we hope will not happen again, now that Daniel Bryan is precisely facing and on his path, there is still a Roman Reigns who is not only champion but the current SmackDown top heel.

If Bryan's feud with Jey Uso will continue for the time being remains to be seen, but the leader of the Yes Movement hinted he was dissatisfied with his small package victory on a recent edition of Talking Smack.