WWE announces storyline suspension for Braun Strowman

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WWE announces storyline suspension for Braun Strowman

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we witnessed a particular and incredible gesture. In the opening moments of the red show the day after the Survivor Series, WWE executive officer Adam Pearce complimented Team Raw on their big win at the event and offered them a chance to compete for the WWE Champion title.

Pearce listed the merits of each and lastly complimented Braun Strowman, who absolutely did not like this choice. At this point the former WWE Universal Champion literally went crazy, surprising the same teammates and first tugged Pearce and then gave him a fierce and powerful head, thus sending the former NMA champion to the ground.

The executive immediately opted for the stern line by sending the wrestler out of the building, but apparently, that's not all.

Braun Strowman suspended indefinitely

In these minutes, a statement arrived through social media in which WWE took a stand against The Monster Among Us and decided to suspend the wrestler indefinitely for hitting the federation executive.

Of course, this is just one of the many storylines put in place by the WWE that apparently after trying to launch as Babyface the wrestler has decided again to relaunch it as a very hard (how crazy) Heel. In the last episode of Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer has in fact stated that the federation of Vince McMahon aims to transform the wrestler and even would like to propose him as an opponent of the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre led for the Pay per View of TLC.

To ensure that we get to this match, however, Strowman must absolutely be represented as a complete Heel and from here we have what happened in the last hours. After the announcement of the WWE comes the response of Braun Strowman, who, puzzled, immediately reacted to this choice and decided to respond with a heavy tweet.

After his run with the universal championship came to an end in August, Braun Strowman set two new goals for himself: providing people with a reason to watch every week and inspiring those who do. Throughout the pandemic, traveling considerably less than he normally would if WWE were on tour, Strowman has capitalized upon that additional time by reshaping his body.

“I want my body transformation to give hope to people,” says Adam Scherr, who is easily identifiable as the 6' 8" Strowman. “I challenge everyone out there to start by setting little goals for yourself and then achieving them.

After a while, those turn into big goals”. After debuting in WWE at 385 pounds, then wrestling the majority of his career at 370, Strowman has trimmed down and tightened up his look.