*Spoiler* New details on WWE TLC plans for Lana

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*Spoiler* New details on WWE TLC plans for Lana

In the last episodes of Monday Night Raw, but also in the edition of Survivor Series which aired only 48 hours ago, Lana has had some huge and unexpected victories that WWE Universe fans could never have imagined, with her character that despite technical skills still quite uncertain, however, he began to win thanks to a disproportionate dose of luck.

According to what was revealed by numerous sources outside the company, the strategy of the Stamford federation would be precisely to curry favor with the public with the luck of Lana, who always receiving blows from her opponents, could thus begin to go over with the public, who also thanks to the great pain towards the character, he could begin to whistle his opponents, sympathizing precisely with Rusev's wife.

According to what has been hypothesized in the last hours by the journalists of the well-known site Wrestling Observer, the WWE could at this point stage another sensational victory of Lana, which this time would, however, be for an important belt of the federation, in the next PPV of the company.

After battling and winning alongside Asuka on Raw against WWE duo champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, the company's management may continue to propose the two athletes as a tag team in the future, with the show's two wrestlers who could even go for the category couple titles at TLC.

Backstage news on Lana

Since for the moment, there would seem to be no specific plans for the Japanese of Raw, nor an opponent, the WWE could thus use the status of Asuka to keep "afloat" Lana, with the luck of the latter and the skill of the Raw champion who could even go to win the tag team titles in the last match of the year of the federation at two.

At the moment, however, there would be nothing definitive or confirmed yet, but given the great push that the athlete who grew up in Russia is having and given the lack of programs for Asuka, this hypothesis could become increasingly attractive and interesting for the WWE.

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