Match on Raw botched the finish

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Match on Raw botched the finish

During the last episode of the WWE Raw that aired as usual on Monday night on USA Network, the federation staged the first titled New Day challenge since it hit the rings on Monday Night Raw, in a dispute against Hurt Business.

The match in question was initially suspended for a double count outside the ring, which ended the contest without a real winner, while then it would have been won by the New Day, which would have thus brought the titles home once again, beating Raw's heel team.

Apparently, however, the contest should not have ended like this, or rather the first part of the contest should not have ended in a double count-out, with The Hurt Business athletes who would not have been fast enough to return to the ring and with the referee who instead called the end of the match for a double count-out, ending the contest in a way that was not foreseen by the federation.

Match on WWE Raw botched the finish

As revealed by Bryan Alvarez during one of the latest updates of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, in fact: "I was told that the end of the match was supposed to be for Hurt Business to win by count-out but they weren't quick enough to get back into the ring in time, so the referee called the count-out.

At that point, the New Day unexpectedly and for some unknown reason acted like he was a heel. They started backing down the ramp, celebrating the fact that they had defended the titles via count-out and then MVP had to do a heel promo, saying 'the fans don't want to see this, you're not going to walk away like that? Come back to this ring and start the match again.

So yes, there was a botch but it wasn't who knows what botch. It was just a boy who did not return to the ring in the normal referee count, who called the double count-out instead of the normal one." Fortunately, the WWE always manages to put a piece of it, with the referees and the officials at ringside who are always connected with the knowledgable position through some earphones directly connected with the microphones of Vince McMahon, who decides step by step what must happen on the ring, with the referees who then communicate it to those directly involved in the ring.

Basically, they had to figure things out on the fly because of the botch. Presumably, the part where MVP asked for the match to be restarted was what was originally planned since New Day would have still retained the titles on a count-out loss and The Hurt Business would have wanted to continue the match so they could get a chance to win the titles at Raw.