Kevin Nash discusses the impact pro wrestling has had on Hollywood

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Kevin Nash discusses the impact pro wrestling has had on Hollywood

In his career, Kevin Nash has won a total of twenty-one titles including six of the world, having held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship five times and the WWF Championship once, and a twelve-time pair champion, including nine WCW World Tag Team Championship, once.

the WWF Tag Team Championship and once the TNA World Tag Team Championship. He was also WWF Intercontinental Champion and TNA Legends Champion. During his time in WCW Nash became the first wrestler to break Goldberg's unbeaten streak, finishing it 173-1.

Nash was a member of Kliq, an unofficial group of influential wrestlers that included Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Razor Ramon, and X-Pac. He was also one of the three founding members of the New World Order (NWO), along with Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015.

He discussed the impact pro wrestling has had on Hollywood in an interview with the Miami Herald.

Kevin Nash on the impact pro wrestling has had on Hollywood

“Stallone was bigger than life then and I had no idea who Hulk Hogan was,” Nash said.

“He was really the first one to open the door. Wrestling was still the red-headed stepchild. I don’t think it was until Dwayne, everything he did with opening number one at the box office, Dwayne is the one that really has made it as a pro wrestler or ex-pro wrestler and is in this field.

A guy like Dave Bautista, he’s a lead but he also does smart things. He did the role in Blade Runner. He reads the script and realizes that the character is intricate to the story”. Kevin Nash went on to discuss his role in Magic Mike and how he tries to make the most of what he gets when given certain roles in his acting career.

“When I read the first Magic Mike, I was like, ‘Tarzan doesn’t really have much to say or do, but if you look at the arc, if Tarzan doesn’t smoke weed, The Kid doesn’t dance and the movie doesn’t get made.

In John Wick, Francis doesn’t have that big of a scene but he’s memorable because he’s the only person that walks away alive. When I read a script and something is offered to me, I look at it and say, ‘It’s not much, but if handled right, it’s a nice piece of work."

During his time in WCW, Nash became the first wrestler to defeat Goldberg and in the process ended his undefeated streak of 173–0 at Starrcade in 1998. Following a college basketball career for the University of Tennessee, Nash played professionally for German Bundesliga squad Gießen 46ers for a short time until a knee injury ended his career.