Shotzi Blackheart opens up on being abused

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Shotzi Blackheart opens up on being abused

One of the characters who has certainly gone less unnoticed in the whole WWE is the NXT athlete who responds to the name of Shotzi Blackheart, a young fighter with a very bright and original look, who has already made a large slice of the WWE Universe audience fall in love.

at least what follows the Wednesday night show of the McMahon-owned company. Although the girl has not yet won anything important in the rings of the third WWE brand, the remarkable technical skills would have already been spotted by everyone, from company executives to colleagues, up to the fans.

Shotzi's skill is in fact under the eyes of all and it is probably only a matter of time before the girl arrives to break through even in the most important rings of the main roster. Apparently, however, the life of the green-haired girl has not always been roses, with the same protagonist of the yellow show ring who wanted to open her heart to a very painful page of her life, in the last interview with which took part.

Shotzi Blackheart opens up on being abused

In her latest interview with Chasing Glory, the NXT wrestler revealed a bad period in her life, which unfortunately happened during her adolescence, for years, with physical violence that the athlete allegedly suffered from her uncle.

Speaking of her childhood, Shotzi Blackheart said: "I had a really tough childhood, to be honest. I was tossed here and there, from my mother to my father, to a family friend who was still very young. I have also been dealing with a lot of s****l abuse for years.

When I finally got out - I started talking about it in middle school, with the consultant - my uncle went to jail. He is still in jail now. But when I started talking about it, many in my family didn't believe me. But my dad really helped me out of it, just like the theater musical.

That's why I love performing so much - it's been a huge help to me. It was my therapy. I know many other girls are struggling with these things; there are really a lot of them. I want to encourage all these girls to talk about it, to come to me and talk about it, because I know what it means and I am totally open to helping them."

Another ugly story that adds to the already many testimonies told during the scandal that emerged a few months ago of the "Speaking Out", with several important names in the world of wrestling, even well-known faces of the WWE scene, who have in fact been accused of abuse worst that a human being can stain in life.