Brian Kendrick now working as WWE producer

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Brian Kendrick now working as WWE producer

Brian Kendrick for many of us is a piece of childhood or adolescence and certainly when his name is mentioned we immediately think of the rivalries with MNM and the big matches alongside Paul London, and we are proud to announce that the news of the last days they are also extremely positive for him: the WWE, aware of his experience in the field, has decided to give him an additional role in the federation.

Brian will in fact be a new producer of NXT. In fact, according to what was released by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Kendrick has been working as a producer on the Stamford-based company's yellow show in recent times, but no further details on his role have been provided.

His experience in this world will certainly benefit young people and people who have recently immersed themselves in such a broad reality as WWE, who in this big family that is NXT is really trying to combine this experience with so much talent, creating a mix that as we have seen in the golden years of the show has led to truly hilarious results, so hilarious that this brand can be considered even superior to that of Main Roster.

Brian Kendrick now working as WWE producer

After being a member of the roster of what was at the time TNA and after also hanging out in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Brian Kendrick was selected as a coach in WWE in 2014 and was used again as a performer in 2016, to take part in the Cruiserweight Classic.

From that point on, he was always present at the court of Vince McMahon's purple show, where he was also a lightweight champion. Recently he fought in some matches with Mansoor, both single and paired with the latter to fight against Ever-Rise (Chase Parker & Matt Martel).

We remind you that 205 Live and NXT take place from the Capitol Wrestling Center and the first airs on Friday immediately after the weekly episode of SmackDown. And do you think this graft will lead to something good for NXT and its athletes? Earlier this week, WWE posted a job advertisement for a new lead writer.

On Friday, Brian Gewirtz and CM Punk responded to a story about it. They cracked some jokes at the company’s expense. Gewirtz worked for WWE from 1999-2015. He has since moved on to The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions where he is currently working on NBC’s “Young Rock” series.