Update on AJ Styles' bodyguard

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Update on AJ Styles' bodyguard

In recent weeks, the WWE management wanted to entrust AJ Styles with a black giant who could thus watch his back, with the former Raw Underground bouncer, a segment presented for a few weeks by Shane McMahon, who was then placed close to the former WWE Champion, to safeguard his physical safety from any damage caused by his opponents.

Although the reason that prompted WWE to support Styles with the mammoth giant has not yet been understood, in recent weeks the two have been literally inseparable, with the Phenomenal One bodyguard who saves his client in various situations in which for Styles it was getting very bad, given the not exactly diplomatic character of the former world champion of the company.

Update on AJ Styles' bodyguard

If WWE initially referred to Styles' bodyguard by his real name, Jordan Omogbehin, currently on the Monday Night Raw scene by the red show's commentary table, the black giant is instead called Omos, for a clear intention.

of WWE, who would like to make the big boy ex NXT look even more threatening and mean. The term Omos, in fact, recalls a mythological creature of the Mongolian tradition which is instead called Almas. Obviously, in the English used in the United States, Almas is easily pronounced as Omos, which is precisely the name that was then given to the giant present next to AJ Styles.

For those wishing to know more about the Almas, the only certain thing is that no one has ever had certain proofs of the existence of the creature, which many are sure to have seen at least once in their life. In the Mongolian folklore tradition, the Almas is in fact a hairy monster very similar to the Bigfoot or the Yeti, with concrete evidence of their existence that has never been presented by anyone.

In practice, given the similarity of the surname Omogbehin to the name of the creature Almas and given the similarity of the physicist of Raw's beast with the monster that has frightened Russian and Caucasian children for decades, WWE has thus decided to modify one of the names of its performers, so as to make it even scarier and "cumbersome"

It turns out Impact had deliberately used verbiage relating to Styles, a company legend, as a ruse for Hornswoggle. Fightful Select reported that this would be the case ahead of last night's show, with Hornswoggle booked to work a parody gimmick alongside The Good Brothers.

Karl Anderson had previously lined up a "phenomenal" opponent for The North's Ethan Page. While AJ's WWE contract made him showing up an impossibility, that Styles was once part of Bullet Club with Anderson and Luke Gallows at least tied the situation together.

In the end, though, it was 'Swoggle, who came out to Styles' old TNA theme, mimicked AJ's entrance, was announced as "'The Wee-nomial One' CJ 'Swoggle."