The real reason WWE has ‘suspended’ Braun Strowman

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The real reason WWE has ‘suspended’ Braun Strowman

As seen extensively during the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Braun Strowman brutally attacked WWE official Adam Pearce, first yanking him like a bag of chips and then hitting him loudly with a head butt in the face, leaving him sore on the mat.

Obviously, after these reckless gestures, the WWE management suspended the wrestler indefinitely, with a press release on its official website, which still sent the Raw giant into a rage, which most likely will continue to carry on its storyline anyway.

against the management and against Adam Pearce, in the next episode of the red show. All this, however, would have been staged by the WWE to cover a probable injury of the athlete.

Backstage news on Braun Strowman

According to what was revealed in the last hours by the well-known Wrestling Observer site, with the usual Dave Meltzer who as always is ready and prepared on every topic, Braun Strowman would have encountered a physical problem in a knee during the Series, with the management of the Stamford company that she would be forced to stage the angle of the attack on Pearce, so as to be able to momentarily oust the Monster Among Men from the action in the ring of the red show.

At the moment, however, there are no further details on the severity of the injury, nor is it known for sure if the injury itself is legitimate, given that WWE has many times merged reality with the story-line trying to keep the former more confidential on the true plans of its protagonists in the ring.

We will now see if the injury will be formalized or if Strowman's absence from the ring will continue, with the founding of the "indefinite suspension", which can thus be very convenient for WWE, which has an excuse to keep away from scenes his fighter, if the knee injury is real and serious.

WWE Digital has learned that Braun Strowman has been suspended indefinitely for putting his hands on WWE official Adam Pearce. Braun Strowman took exception with Pearce's plan for awarding a WWE Championship opportunity and lashed out at the WWE official.

Stay tuned to WWE digital and social platforms for, as the situation continues to develop. The reason he has been suspended and taken off TV is that he suffered a knee injury in the match at Survivor Series. While he might make TLC, WWE is not sure and have put a back-up plan in place.

However, despite the triple-threat match next week on RAW, Strowman is still WWE’s plan at this time to face McIntyre at TLC.