Former WWE star Gillberg suffers hearth attack

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Former WWE star Gillberg suffers hearth attack

Many of you may not even know him, but Duane Gill, the real name of wrestler Gillberg, was one of the most hilarious and recognizable athletes of the past years, with the character parodying Goldberg, but who had a much more skimpy and less trained physique, which opened the WWE's door to several other athletes of similar build, who later got lucky anyway, such as friend James Ellsworth.

James Ellsworth, who among other things was also the one who was chosen by Gillberg for his last match this year before retirement, was left the task of warning fans that the former WWE Superstar who he worked with the McMahons over 20 years ago, suffered a heart attack on Wednesday.

Gillberg suffers a heart attack

In a video posted to his official Twitter account, the former athlete seen in the WWE rings in a thrilling storyline against former WWE Champion AJ Styles, James Ellsworth, had the difficult task of communicating to Gillberg fans that their idol had suffered a serious heart attack, which fortunately passed without causing too much damage to the former athlete who retired at the beginning of the year.

In the video posted by Ellsworth, who we remember is one of Gillberg's best friends, the same athlete reveals that the now 59-year-old ex-wrestler should return home this weekend, after coming out of the intensive care in which he was hospitalized after the attack.

heart of a few hours ago. Fortunately for Gillberg and his family, the heart attack was not fatal, but it will still have aftermath that will affect the former athlete's life for a few months or years. Recall that the athlete worked in WWE in several stints, two of the main ones that were between '92 and '94 and another that took place between '98 and 2000, with the wrestler who kept the title of lightweight of the then WWF for well over 440 days, thus establishing a record still unbeaten, in full "Goldberg streak" style.

Gillberg had also returned only some time ago to WWE, in the feud between Kevin Owens and Goldberg (the real one), but was attacked by the Canadian, who had hit him several times, before his final retirement arrived in this bizarre 2020.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Duane Gill talks about how Gillberg came into existence. "..I was making fun of all the boys. I was The Underfaker. I did Stone Old Steve Austin. I took pool swimmies as giant knee braces and walked out with a walker, and Gillberg.

When I got the job as Duane Gill, I was doing a house show, and Kane was on it with Paul Bearer and everything. I told them, 'Yeah, I was making fun of all the boys, I would have done a Kane, don't worry about that, and I did Gillberg.' "