Bayley Speaks About Her WWE Beginnings

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Bayley Speaks About Her WWE Beginnings

Bayley is currently one of WWE’s top female wrestlers and she recently spoke about her WWE beginnings. Bayley was the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion before the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV. She lost to her former BFF Sasha Banks.

It was a very exciting match. Bayley is still one of WWE’s top competitors and she became the main event talent soon after she turned heel.

Bayley on Her WWE Beginning and Tryout

On the New Days podcast, Bayley spoke about her WWE tryout and how she felt during that time.

She mentioned how she was asked to wear something presentable. "So, my tryout was in LA - they had a warehouse out there. It was a three-day tryout, so I hadn't even seen FCW; I hadn't been there. I've only seen it in pictures or short videos.

On my first day, I just remember seeing that all the walls were black and it was a little grungy. I liked it. There were three rings, and I was in so much awe," recalled Bayley. "There were so many people because it was kind of small.

We're passing all these people and I was already intimidated. I would say the main thing I realized throughout the years was to be comfortable in your skin and just realizing I didn't have to be this big old diva or model, which was what I was really scared of”.

"[The writers] said, 'Wear something presentable' and I bought this dress that I thought was going to get me noticed. They made me go change because I was showing way too much cleavage. I was not me at all. I just thought that's what they wanted."

Bayley joined during a time when WWE did not take women’s wrestling very seriously. They used to hire models and converted them into Divas. That all changed after the women’s revolution. "I remember them pulling me aside and they're like, 'You need to change.

What you're wearing is unacceptable.' I'm like, 'What do you guys want from me?!' I was so unsure of where I was going to fit and how it was going to happen. I was pretty sure I was going to get fired," admitted Bayley.

"In that first month too, AJ [Lee] and Dolph [Ziggler] were on one of our shows. She pulled me aside and gave me this long talk about being myself, meeting the company halfway, and somewhere in the middle, you're going to find who you are and how it's going to work.

So, that's when I had the whole epiphany of letting me just be me, figure out the best that I can, and wrestle. That was kind of how the transition went.