Backstage news on Zelina Vega's release

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Backstage news on Zelina Vega's release

One of the most surprising events of the WWE in recent weeks was certainly the release of Zelina Vega by the company, which, did not appreciate the decision with which Zelina Vega, regardless of the ban imposed by Vince McMahon, continued to use prohibited tools like Cameo, Twitch and even opening a profile with a name different from that of the wrestler on the well-known company OnlyFans.

Through a podcast, Ryback clarified one of the doubts regarding Zelina's dismissal.

Rumors on Zelina Vega

During his Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report, former WWE wrestler Ryback talked about how the superstars of Vince McMahon's federation may have sent messages of support to the girl, but in reality, they do not want (or cannot) publicly support Zelina Vega.

Ryback pointed out how this complicates the plans for the unions as without the public solidarity of other wrestlers Zelina will have a hard time defending herself. Here are his words: "I have decided to support her and the criticism of WWE and that is really good for me.

All this really bothers me, Zelina is a really talented girl and I have to say that I understand both sides and I don't want to talk bad about other wrestlers. When you're in WWE and you make all that money, let's face it, who would jeopardize all of this? Money, fame and success? The problem is that she took a stand and who sided with her? Nobody!

That's why I appreciated it, it takes a lot of courage to do this." The former wrestler then continued: "I guarantee you that he has received several messages of support from other wrestlers who will have confirmed how much they respect and value her.

But publicly nobody will do anything and that can be a problem. I love wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre, but in the end, they don't do anything either and rather just follow the usual mechanisms of the company."

The reality is that WWE has tremendous power over their superstars and it's really hard for anyone to turn against a character like Vince McMahon. Zelina Vega was escorted out of the building, according to the Wrestling Newsletter Observer, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano, was the one to break the news to Vega. He even told her that Vince McMahon did not want to see her. WWE’s new policy seems pretty harsh, given WWE Superstars work hard enough in the ring.

Competing during a global pandemic must not be easy, and places like Cameo and Twitch became outlets for these superstars.