News on why WWE cancelled Bray Wyatt's 'Wobbly Walrus'

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News on why WWE cancelled Bray Wyatt's 'Wobbly Walrus'

Over the past year, WWE has focused a lot on creating a new character to be entrusted to Bray Wyatt, after the definitive closure of the Wyatt Family, with all the protagonists of the team of bearded athletes who have left the team, some even going to work in competing companies and those taking their own path, reaching the Universal title, such as Braun Strowman.

Apparently, the long backstage work carried out by the WWE management and Wyatt himself would have brought excellent results, with The Fiend immediately becoming one of the most loved characters in the WWE Universe, going so far as to sell more merchandise than people.

the likes of AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan on the official WWE shop. Among the many innovations introduced with the new character of Wyatt, the famous segment of the Firefly Fun House immediately began to entertain both the biggest and the smallest fans, with the series of angles seen on the WWE televisions, which began slowly to take more and more a dark and horror turn, which eventually discovered the true face of the Fiend.

Among the many characters passed through the episodes of the Firefly Fun House, there was one that aroused more clamor than the others, with the evident similarities of the character with the physique and ways of Paul Heyman, which immediately triggered the sparkle in the minds of fans.

The problem is that Wobbly Walrus, this was in fact the name of the walrus dressed as Heyman, lasted only one episode of the Firefly Fun House on the WWE television screens, with a very specific reason that therefore caused the temporary cancellation.

According to what was reported in the last few hours by Ringside News and the WrestlingNews site, WWE is said to have found itself obliged to cancel the character of Wobbly Walrus since the plans between the Fiend and Roman Reigns had already changed.

Update on Wobbly Walrus

The character inspired by the features of the manager of the Universal champion, in fact, was born with the intention of feuding the two main eventers of Smackdown, with Wyatt who was however soon destined for the Raw ring, given the desire of the management of the WWE to build Reigns for a long time as a devastating and convincing champion, without making him miss any blows in terms of booking.

The Reigns-Fiend feud was thus abandoned after only a week from the beginning of the construction of the battle between the two former world champions, with Wobbly Walrus having so disappeared into thin air, as he was no longer needed by WWE, nor by the character of Bray Wyatt.

Who knows if he won't come back in the future, however, when it's finally time to see a feud between Fiend and Roman Reigns or maybe even Brock Lesnar?