Seth Rollins provides major updates on Becky Lynch’s pregnancy

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Seth Rollins provides major updates on Becky Lynch’s pregnancy

In this long and very strange year for the WWE and in general, for the pro-wrestling world, great hope has changed the mood of WWE Universe fans in the middle of a pandemic, or the news of Becky Lynch's pregnancy, who will soon give birth to her first child with Seth Rollins.

After leaving the scenes of the McMahon company since May, as soon as she learned she was pregnant, Becky Lynch has disappeared completely from the television screens of the federation, reappearing only a few days ago in a photoshoot in which she showed off her baby bump, in the company of her partner.

After continuing to work for a few more months on the Raw rings and then also on the Smackdown ones, the time has come for Rollins to rest, waiting for the fateful day in which he will pick up his eldest son for the first time, with the same Architect of the Shield who revealed in his last interview that now very little is missing.

Update on Becky Lynch's pregnancy

In his latest interview with the Stamford-based federation microphones, the former WWE Champion wanted to leave some updates to his fans, revealing that the wait seems to be almost over now and with the former Monday Night Messiah who said: "She's going really strong (Becky Lynch).

The due date is approaching very quickly. It is crazy to think that we will be parents soon. I'm sure she will be ready to go back to work as we all are. But yes, she was truly amazing throughout the pregnancy. In our regular WWE calendar, we were always on the go and were never home.

And with my pregnant girlfriend, I have now managed to spend a lot of time with her at home. I would never have succeeded if our calendar had remained the same as before. The timing of how everything went was really perfect. It's a great break for me, both physically and mentally."

Apparently, Seth Rollins will be away from WWE for at least a few weeks, with his comeback on the federation scene most likely not coming before the Royal Rumble. which could be the perfect event for a return to the scene of Rollins and more.

“In our regular WWE schedule, we’re always traveling and never get to be home. And with my fianceé’s pregnancy, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time at home with her. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on our regular schedule.

The timing of that worked out really well. It’s a nice break for me both physically and mentally WWE Hoped To Have Fans Back. It’s unclear exactly how long Seth Rollins will be out for, but somewhere between one and two months is the rumour that’s been doing the rounds.