*Spoiler* Kevin Owens sends a message to Roman Reigns

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*Spoiler* Kevin Owens sends a message to Roman Reigns

In the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown that aired overnight on Fox, WWE has begun to prepare the next great feud that will star the Universal champion of the blue show and his next challenger in the last PPV of the year by the Vince McMahon-owned federation: TLC.

In fact, during the last weekly show of the federation, Kevin Owens went indirectly to challenge the absolute champion of the Friday night show, through his younger cousin, Jey Uso, in a challenge against the Samoan family that immediately seemed very difficult, but still within reach of the Canadian.

During the airing of Smackdown, a match between Otis and King Corbin was supposed to take place, but this was not the fault of a free chair strike by Jey Uso against the former member of Heavy Machinery. In response, Kevin Owens threatened later in the evening both Jey Uso, for subtly hitting Otis, and Roman Reigns, who was obviously the instigator of this attack, with Owens challenging Uso to a match that would later staged in the main event.

Kevin Owens sends a message to Roman Reigns

Obviously, the match ended by disqualification, when Jey Uso thought it best to hit the opponent Kevin Owens with a chair, even during his contest, with the referee who could not help but call the bell.

In a difficult enough time for Owens, the Prizefighter still managed to rebel against Jey Uso's attacks, taking his chair off him and continuing to hit him while the Canadian looked into the camera, talking directly to Roman Reigns, who was in the company of Paul Heyman as they watched.

the show from a backstage tv. After landing Jey Uso with several seats next to the show's commentary table, Kevin Owens continued to blame Jey's elder cousin for all this, accusing him of being the main culprit in the situation and making the next feud very likely emerge.

for the Universal champion in view of the last PPV of 2020. Brock Lesnar breaking The Undertaker's Streak is considered to be one of the most polarizing decisions in WWE history. In reality, it isn't even polarizing as a majority of the fanbase weren't pleased with Brock Lesnar being picked to end the Streak.

More so, the match between Brock Lesnar and Undertaker also ended up being a lackluster affair. Vince McMahon, however, had an idea behind picking Brock Lesnar to do the honors of conquering the Streak, as revealed by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.