WWE has big plans for Jey Uso

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WWE has big plans for Jey Uso

In the last few weeks, a very important storyline has been outlined but at the same time very easy to understand on the Friday Night Smackdown rings. Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, in fact, have joined forces to completely dominate the rings of the blue show.

Initially, cousin Jey is said to have not been too inclined to the methods of the champion, but after the defeat suffered in Hell in a Cell, precisely at the hands of that cousin who stopped at nothing to keep his title firmly on his sides, Jey Uso had to begin to submit to the will of Roman Reigns for an express stipulation of the match lost in the infernal cage, in which the injured Jimmy had also intervened.

Update on Jey Uso's future

According to WrestlingNews, WWE has specific plans in mind for Smackdown's Samoan twins, with Jimmy likely to have almost fully recovered from his leg injury and should therefore join forces with his twin brother once he returns.

on stage. Apparently, however, in the meantime, Jey Uso should become an increasingly important character within the blue roster of the company, going to support Roman Reigns in every aspect of the ring and probably also changing entry music, look and entrance, thus trying to make the character of the athlete of Samoan origins more angular.

As reported at the bottom of one of the articles of the well-known overseas site, in fact: "This story serves to elevate Roman but at the same time is used by the WWE to take Jimmy and Jey to the next level, with the future of the two being downright great."

Apparently, WWE would be thinking of using the blue show's pair of twins on a regular basis in their main events, so as to have two other big and important Superstars ready for the occasion, at Smackdown, for the future.

Reigns was sidelined at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a product of an enlarged spleen making it unsafe for the leukemia survivor to compete in an uncertain environment. As Reigns told CBS Sports, the locker room leader being forced to sit out during a difficult time for the company and its performers was a double-edged sword.

"You know, it was tough, but I tried to just focus on things I could control and the time with my family," Reigns said. "For a long time -- and I think maybe the reason people consider myself a locker room leader is the dedication to my craft and to the performance and to our locker room and being there for those guys and not only being where I worked as far as my character but really being there in the locker room and being approachable and going through the grind with those guys.

I think I was able to earn the respect when they saw how I carried myself and how I operated on a daily basis and the work output that I put in. But, for me, it was either dwell on the negatives because, yeah, I wanted to be there and wanted to help the team and help the product, but it was also very nice to be able to help my family and be there for my children and my wife and create a little bit of a solid foundation and structure in these crazy times."