WWE cut flat Survivor Series bonuses for several superstars

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WWE cut flat Survivor Series bonuses for several superstars

During the course of this seemingly infinite and unique calendar year, the whole world has faced a global pandemic that no one would have ever imagined. To deal with the virus that has literally brought the entire planet to its knees for several months, WWE, the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling, also had to take serious measures at the beginning of the year to counter the serious problems that came together with the global pandemic.

It is now well known, in fact, that in the month of April the WWE has put its hand to its roster, going to make several cuts between the components of its brands, including athletes, referees, road agents, various backstage workers and even in the Stamford office employee staff.

The WWE has thus implemented more than a hundred layoffs in just under two weeks, to counter the financial and economic problems that the pandemic was also bringing to the coffers of the number one company in the world of wrestling discipline.

Although only a few months have passed since the definitive outbreak of the global pandemic and therefore also from the first major economic problems of the WWE, it would seem that the federation is still in an iron barrel, given that last Sunday several of the McMahon athletes would have perceived a great monetary bonus to take part in the company's latest Big Four of this 2020: Survivor Series.

If in April the situation seemed very serious for the federation, now things seem to have definitely improved, with the Stamford-based company having created its ThunderDome in Orlando, which will soon be moved to another arena and which already costs.

of his several million euros to the McMahons.

WWE cut flat Survivor Series bonuses

If all this was not yet a clear symptom of the health of the federation's coffers, to give us a hand to draw conclusions (economic), in the last few hours also the well-known overseas site Fightful has thought about it, with an update on the payment of bonuses for the WWE PPV which reports: "There have been several people who told us they got a $ 15,000 bonus for appearing in the Survivor Series, in an important match.

We are not sure if this was only part of the staff of the different higher levels or not." In practice, several WWE Superstars would have received an additional bonus on top of the normal salary agreed with the McMahons to take part in the Fall Big Four, but they did not.

knows if all the employees of the federation or only the most important, such as the champions, the main eventers and the great Superstars of the company.