Chris Jericho on why WWE comedy does not work

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Chris Jericho on why WWE comedy does not work

As all Wrestling fans know, Chris Jericho has been in our favorite sport-show for about 30 years and is currently one of the main personalities of AEW, a federation that is making a lot of talks both from a technical and media point of view.

The former world champion of the federation of Tony Khan has never hidden and has always made known his doubts about the product of his now-former home, the WWE, and once again he wanted to have his say regarding some segments of Vince McMahon, especially those who he thinks would not enjoy even if they are comedy.

Chris Jericho on WWE comedy

Recently appeared on Keeping it 100 with Konnan, he released the following statements regarding these much-discussed segments even by critics: "In my opinion, in comedy, you always have to be direct and show things for what they are.

WWE has a way of working that doesn't make me laugh, with burps and farts attached. I find that when you try to be fun at all costs, you can hardly succeed. And my approach to these segments has always been of this type."

The New Day, the Breezango and the Street Profits have been the pioneers of this side of the WWE in the last few years and have given us some interesting moments, but also some not very convincing and very trivial, such as the corner with the ball.

bowling that saw Street Profits and Viking Raiders as protagonists. On the other hand, Chris Jericho has really built his career on comedy and on his prompt response as well. In recent weeks he has formed a great relationship with MJF that could really be considered his "partner in crime", as it was known from the AEW Le Dinner Debonair segment in which even the one who is considered one of the most convincing heel of recent years has done see to have a huge comedy base and important comic timing.

MJF himself received the blessing from Jericho who considers him a character very similar to his and with whom you can create something really important. Jericho first wrestled in Japan in the '90s before making his return to NJPW in 2018 to face Kenny Omega at the Wrestle Kingdom 12.

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