Dr. Drew on Chyna’s Mental Condition Before Death

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Dr. Drew on Chyna’s Mental Condition Before Death
Dr. Drew on Chyna’s Mental Condition Before Death (Provided by Wrestling World)

Wrestling Inc. Invited Dr. Drew Pinksy for the “Documenting Chyna” series and he spoke about Chyna’s mental condition before she died. Dr. Drew was actually treating Chyna in his “Celebrity Rehab” during her final year.

Chyna was in a psychiatric hospital in Japan for a few years before she passed away.

Dr. Drew on Chyna's Mental Condition

"I think the important thing to remember is she spent over a month, maybe several months I could never quite put it together, in a locked psychiatric hospital," Dr.

Drew pointed out. "There was something terribly wrong psychiatrically. I don't know if it was all addiction. I don't know if she became psychotic, but you don't put someone, I mean here you could never even do it, but even in a place like Japan, you don't just spend months in a locked psychiatric facility because you're a little depressed or that you were suicidal at one time.

"So something substantial was going on psychiatrically, which is why when they called me, I just kept saying, look, you got to get a psychiatrist. You got to have somebody evaluate her. Something is not right. I don't know what's going on, but don't worry about the mom and all the things you want to do.

That's all great, but I need to understand what's going on here, and the last I kind of talked to them, as I recall, I got them referred to the psychiatrist, and I think that she saw him. But I don't know what happened. It was out of my hands at that point." Dr.

Drew stated that Chyna was most likely suffering from some sort of dissociative disorder. He spoke about how he helped her get aid. She seemed to have some sort of dissociative disorder, and she clearly had been traumatized," Dr.

Drew said. "I mean, there were times -- she never had a formal diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder, but I worried about that because her presentation was so different in so many different environments like it was a different person, and when I would talk to her about some of her traumatic past, which again when people have these traumatic pasts, you never know what's a memory and what's really happened, but what's important is that they're struggling with these things.

“And in her case, she (Chyna) was highly dissociative. She was just constantly highly dissociative from her feelings and memories and things, and a lovely human being. I mean, the version of her that I got to know was quite sweet, but I always had grave concerns.

I sent her to a psychologist. She wouldn't go on in the addiction treatment. I sent her to a psychologist. She saw him a few times but never really followed through.

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