Backstage details on Murphy's WWE future

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Backstage details on Murphy's WWE future

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, (so those who have not yet seen the episode must be careful of the SPOILER contained in the news), apparently a new storyline would be born that includes the whole Mysterio and Murphy family on the one hand and the WWE King of the Ring, King Corbin, on the other.

After staging a match between the former disciple of Rollins and the king of the ring himself, in a dispute that seemed very strange from the point of view of the attitudes carried out at ringside by the whole family of Mexican origins, who in some situations it seemed almost heel, the WWE began to embark on new plans for Murphy once the ex Monday Night Messiah left the scene.

But where will Murphy's new plans with King Corbin lead?

Rumors on Murphy

According to what was revealed in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site Ringside News, WWE would be staging new plans between King Corbin and Murphy pending the return of former Universal champion, Seth Rollins, who was absent for a few months, given the imminent birth of her company, former Monday Night Raw champion Becky Lynch.

Although the feud between the two seemed now over, the WWE may in fact still have plans in store for the two former Raw main eventers, with the feud that began tonight between Murphy and King Corbin which, in fact, is said to only be a plan to buffer the great absence of Rollins in the coming weeks.

As for the situation around the Mysterio family, Aalyah has intervened several times against King Corbin in a slightly unusual attitude of babyfaces, apparently, the idea of ​​Vince McMahon is said to be the one that the darlings of the public can use methods that are a little unclean and fair when in front of them they have real heels like Corbin.

In practice, just as the great Eddie Guerrero used to do, any means is allowed if the end to be achieved is good and fair, so according to Vince McMahon using unfair maneuvers and not allowed by WWE regulations would be fair against a heel.

There would therefore be nothing to worry about from this point of view. For the time being, the Mysterio and Murphy family will therefore remain babyface until further notice. Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy was on a recent episode of the WWE After The Bell podcast where he chatted about his storyline and partnership with Seth Rollins.

Murphy confirmed that Paul Heyman wanted him to join RAW, as he has previously said that Heyman sees him as "the next face of RAW.' He noted that his beginnings in RAW would lead to joining Seth Rollins' faction.

"Paul Heyman wanted me on RAW and much respect to Paul. He pulled me aside and he just [said] real kind words to me," Murphy revealed. "And he wanted me to come to RAW and asked if there's anything holding me to SmackDown.

I said, 'Hey, I just want to put my best foot forward.' So I get drafted from SmackDown to RAW last year, and then I pretty much just go straight into a program with Aleister [Black].