News on Vince McMahon's vision for Lars Sullivan

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News on Vince McMahon's vision for Lars Sullivan

In the first episode dedicated to the WWE Annual Draft, the Vince McMahon's company surprised WWE Universe fans with unexpected returns from some of its athletes who had been absent for several months, such as Xavier Woods, who was away for more than a year from the scenes of the federation due to the laceration of an Achilles tendon that occurred in a house show, or Lars Sullivan, the monstrous heel who had sown panic even before his abandonment from the scene for another fairly serious injury.

Just the mammoth athlete who returned in the episode of Smackdown last month had begun to vent all his anger against all the wrestlers that came to hand, going to attack both Raw athletes and Smackdown athletes alike, in 3-4 lightning attacks in which Sullivan knocked out every athlete he passed in the ring at that moment.

Update on Lars Sullivan

Apparently, as reported in recent days by various sources online, it seemed that Sullivan's absence from the scene of the company was due to a desire on the part of the Chairman of the federation, Vince McMahon, to clean up his roster, with the election of Joe Biden as president of the United States of America who could pose a threat to all those individuals with a somewhat dark and stormy past in their private lives like Lars Sullivan.

Obviously, this rumor was promptly denied by various online sources, such as Ringside News, which at the same time, however, wanted to make some updates on the Sullivan affair and his umpteenth disappearance. As reported by the journalists of the American newspaper, in fact, the main reason why Lars is not used in the Smackdown ring is to be found in the lack of ideas on the part of the creative team towards him.

As reported by some WWE internal sources directly to the reporters of the site, Vince McMahon is no longer even asking what happened to Lars Sullivan, denoting a complete disinterest in his character, after returning to the scene a few weeks ago.

According to other sources, the break between the two sides is now imminent, with the WWE management not knowing what to do with a character like Sullivan's, who has no growth opportunities or possible insertions to be made in other storylines, if not with the intent to destroy.

A fairly dark future is therefore expected for Smackdown's monster heel after a comeback in style not even two months ago.