When will Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan face off for the title?

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When will Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan face off for the title?

The latest episode of SmackDown made us realize that Roman Reigns' next opponent for maintaining the title of Universal Champion will not be Daniel Bryan. Yet the feud between the two, already widely hinted at over the past few weeks, shouldn't have been canceled by WWE.

But only postponed, however, to a date not so distant in time. The edition of SmackDown aired this Friday night has in fact set the stage for a feud between the Tribal Chief and Kevin Owens, again against each other for the title of Universal Champion, but with roles reversed compared to the winter four years ago (between 2016 and 2017, in fact, KO was bad and champion, the Big Dog good and challenging, exactly the opposite of the current situation).

And this should be the head-to-head title in TLC, a detail that further postpones a match for the belt between Roman Reigns himself and Daniel Bryan. This is confirmed by the 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter', according to which the WWE management continues to focus heavily on the feud between the two, considering it, however, of a "too high" level to start it in a transitional PPV as TLC.

And so it should take off from the new year, with the first actual face-to-face between the two set for Royal Rumble 2021.

Update on Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

However, it is not the first time that Dave Meltzer explains that WWE did not intend to take off Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan in recent weeks.

At the beginning of the week, he had already anticipated that the clash would be "postponed to a later date" This is duly confirmed by reality. The hope of the fans is that what happened on the occasion of their previous storyline together, so long as to be aborted, will not be repeated.

It happened in the heart of the summer of 2019 when a still "good" Roman Reigns was at the center of a long series of "attacks" in SmackDown. The details of the "case" all led to Daniel Bryan, but amidst total creative chaos and last-minute rewrites, WWE wasn't even able to propose an actual match in time for SummerSlam.

The situation was not resolved in time even for Clash of Champions when Roman Reigns faced Erick Rowan revealed to be his actual bomber with a still unclear role of Daniel Bryan. Already in Hell in a Cell, however, Rowan also rebelled against Daniel Bryan with the latter who in turn became the face and allied himself with Roman Reigns himself. Making the storyline finally go down.