WWE issues storyline injury updates on Otis and Jey Uso

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WWE issues storyline injury updates on Otis and Jey Uso

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, which aired Friday night on FOX, WWE staged a show that was very much appreciated by fans of the discipline, with several storylines that have been intertwined and with a common thread who pulled the strings of the entire episode of the blue show: Roman Reigns.

For several weeks now, WWE Tribal Chief and Universal Champion Roman Reigns is in fact doing good and bad weather in every episode, with brute strength and lack of total empathy, which have made Reigns the new heel par excellence.

of the Stamford-based Company. After losing his match in Hell in a Cell, Jey Uso also had to succumb to the immeasurable strength of his elder cousin, with Reigns, Uso and Heyman now ruling far and wide throughout the blue show, going to attack anyone who comes within range, precisely to make it clear who is in charge in WWE.

Despite the great strength shown by the Samoan family of the Anoa'i in the latest episodes of Smackdown, in last Friday's Kevin Owens, however, he avenged himself for all the attacks perpetrated by Jey Uso against Daniel Bryan and Otis, with the former member of the Heavy Machinery who had been brutally attacked with a chair before his match against King Corbin on the same night.

WWE issues storyline injury updates on Otis and Jey Uso

Both the superstars therefore, both Otis and Jey Uso, came out battered from the weekly episode of the Friday night blue show, with the McMahon federation that wanted to give these updates (obviously in a kayfabe key), on its official website: "Otis was evaluated by WWE doctors following Jey Uso's attack.

The evaluation revealed several bruised body areas and muscle tenderness throughout the thoracic spine area. Bone examination of the thoracic spine and ribs revealed no abnormalities. Jey Uso was sent to the coaching room after his match against Kevin Owens and the evaluation of the attending physician revealed bilateral weakness in the upper limbs due to stretching of the lower cervical nerve roots due to chair blows.

The belief is that this weakness is only temporary and should resolve itself in the next few days." After Jey Uso's attack, Otis was evaluated by WWE Medical. It was revealed that he is suffering from multiple areas of contusions and tenderness of the muscles throughout the thoracic spine region.

After his match with Kevin Owens, a ringside physician evaluated Jey Uso and revealed bilateral upper extremity weakness. The result is from the chair shots by Owens.